Spiritual Bypass

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It’s been a while since I have posted.  Since the last time I posted I have been having some ups and downs in life.  Recently I had to make the decision to follow my path full time.  Recently I have discovered in the spiritual community (not all) that there is the mantra to stay positive, think good thoughts, etc.  But if one has not done their inner work (shadow work) you will not be able to keep that up for long.  You may feel good for a little while, but it does not last.  Your Light comes from within.  But the work has to be done to remove the layers you have accumulated in this life as well as past lives.  We are here to remember who we are.  That is a process of healing.   This has been my experience so that is the place of where this sharing comes from.  I for one do not want anyone to feel bad if they feel as though they are struggling but they continually are made to feel as though they cannot embrace the space where they find themselves emotionally in this process.  This journey can take you to some very dark places.  But it is so we can remove all the layers that keep our Light from truly shining.  There is no light without the dark.  Both have their role in this journey.  So please know if you find yourself in a dark night of the Soul, or you are angry, sad, etc. it is okay to sit in this to discover what these emotions are trying to help you to discover.  The key is not to get stuck in that place.  Coming out on the other side and integrating all you have learned is uplifting.  I will try not to be away so long moving forward.

My Twin Flame Journey: The Other Side of Illusion

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When I first started this journey I had no idea of the space in which I currently stand would be achieved.  Not that I set out with any particular plan, simply following the calling of my heart.

The growth I witness in both myself and my Beloved is amazing to behold.  I AM learning to BE in the flow of this unfolding that is occurring.  No longer having expectations of how things “should be” but content to enjoy how things are in the NOW moment.

The expansion of Love I feel for my Beloved leaves me breathless.  How can a heart hold so much Love?  At times it leaves me feeling overwhelmed. I recently got to spend a little time with my Beloved, we are on different work schedules for the time BEing, but I feel even that serves a purpose.  The feeling I have when I AM in his presence is as though the whole world recedes and it is just him and I.  And though my heart is sad when we part, at the same time I feel uplifted and fortified to continue with this journey.

Together or “apart”, I know we are always connected.  This knowledge comes from the depth of my heart.  The space that is on the other side of illusion.

My Twin Flame Journey: Song Messages

music notes

The Divine Masculine essence of my Beloved has been sending song messages again.  This is not the first time this has happened but I thought I would share these two.  This one seems to be sent at key points in the journey.

The next song is just to show that this journey is not all seriousness.  My Beloved also has a sense of humor.

Such shifts happening at this time.  Ain’t Love grand?

My Twin Flame Journey: Communication


My Beloved and I have been in communication.  It started back in January which is no coincidence since we moved into 2017 (a one year, new beginnings).  So far we have been texting, we have talked on the phone a few times as well as having spent some time together a couple of times.  The energy feels different, calmer.  He has been honest and said he is still in a relationship, so we have both released all expectation and stay in the present moment.  We both agree we are happier when we are able to communicate with each other.  We have both surrendered to what is in this present moment.

So far we have not shut down and pulled away, but we have learned to work through what comes up now for the both of us.  We recently tried to spend some time together and it did not work out.  I was disappointed of course, but my guidance said “be patient, things are unfolding.”   I AM standing in my faith that all is well.

As I move forward I AM in allowance.  I can only trust what is in my heart.  The journey continues.

A Message from Spirit


Yesterday as I was sitting quietly I asked Spirit if there was anything they would like to share.  I heard the words “Yes”.  And then I heard the word “filibuster”.  Now I am familiar with that word in relation to politics.  But that did not feel right.  So I asked Spirit in what context were they using the word.  I heard the following message.


To impede the progress of a certain agenda being perpetrated by the Cabal.

As Lightworkers, it is more important then ever to shine your Light.  To Be pillars and beacons of Light to those who are seeking their own destiny.  Do not think that as Lightworkers the art of “doing” has to always involve actual physical activity.   Every structure needs a strong foundation, if not, then the structure as a whole is not sturdy or steady.  This is what is Being done.  A strong foundation is Being laid/built.

I have not shared a post in a while.  Much is coming through and I AM processing.  But I thought I would share this message.


Through the Eyes of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

I have always had a strong resonance with Marilyn Monroe, even though she died before I was born.  Even though she was adored by her fans, it always seemed more then that for me.  I know I AM drawn to her inner Light.  The deep mystery that is behind her eyes, as though she only showed you what she wanted you to see.  A kindred spirit?

Last night I had a dream about Marilyn.  We were standing facing one another, as though we were looking into a mirror.  Then I was looking out through her eyes.  I experienced seeing what she saw.  And even though I was looking out through her eyes, I was still very much aware of myself.  Maybe I was given a glimpse of her soul, or maybe even a glimpse of my own.

This dream felt more then just a dream.  Perhaps an opportunity to witness an aspect of myself.

Birthing the New


I had a dream a few nights ago that my boss at work was asking about the “birthing” process.  I remember talking about what is happening with earth and this birthing of the NEW.  But she didn’t seem to understand.  At that time I started hearing a female voice calling my name.  It seemed like it was coming from off to the side because I could not see anyone else in the dream.  But at the same time it seemed to also BE coming from my physical reality as I could hear it near my left ear.  It startled me awake.

This is the second time within a few weeks that I have experienced hearing talking in my dreams but simultaneously experience it in my physical reality.

I also experienced a vision Sunday morning that showed different items BEing shifted around on an energetic level.  Much shifting is taking place as I like to call it “under the surface”.

Completion and New Beginnings


What is there to say regarding 2016?  As I reflect on 2016, much has happened.  I have witnessed the spewing of hateful, hurtful words.  I have experienced loss, grief and coming to terms about these feelings.  I have lost relationships and gained new ones.  The appearance of chaos, destruction (of people, places and ideals).  These experiences have weighed heavily on my heart and soul.

But through this entire year of all that has transpired, there has always remained this flame in my heart that would also rise up in tandem with the pain.  That flame was LOVE.  Through it all it would surround me, enfold me within this feeling.  I realized that no matter what, I can only BE what I AM, which is LOVE!  LOVE is what keeps me moving forward.  I made this promise to myself and God, that I would never give up!  That I would BE a beacon of LIGHT for others who want to embrace their own LOVE and LIGHT!

I have cried many tears of sadness, and I have cried many tears of joy throughout this year.  In my heart I know that the unification of hearts coming together as ONE reverberates this wave of LOVE throughout the world and the Cosmos.  I truly believe this year has showed us what we are truly made of.  We are powerful beyond measure.

As we move forward into 2017 (a year of new beginnings) I for one am going to stand firm in my commitment to BE an anchor for the LOVE to take hold, so that miracles can BE created and experienced by ALL!

Empowerment of Self


I AM a powerful BEing.  Sit with that statement for a minute.  What is the feeling this statement invokes in you?  Fear? Disbelief? A glimmer of Hope?  A resonance of Truth?  Whatever it may BE, just let it BE.  For this is a step toward Self empowerment.  What, you ask does one step do?  It builds momentum.  A natural forward movement toward your True Self.  Please do not feel you are not moving forward fast enough.  For the road toward the Empowerment of Self is taken one step at a time.

Deepening the Release of Layers


I have received guidance a couple of days ago that I AM in the process of deepening the release of layer after layer so I may fully embrace my Wholeness.  I have felt recently that I AM moving in a new direction, what that may BE at this time I AM not 100% sure.  Trusting fully as I walk this path of the unknown.

A couple of weeks ago I saw two buzzard, which for me equates to death and rebirth.  I definitely have been feeling this release, the dying of something old, so that I may move more fully into this new direction.  A message I recently received from someone was they saw a butterfly BEing released around me.  Freedom truly taking form.  The feeling of detachment I AM feeling at this time is also validation that I AM releasing.  No longer feeling any attachment to that which no longer serves me.  I AM always in awe that as I feel this detachment I also feel the expansion of Love emanating from my heart.  It seems like a paradox that one can experience both at once.   Release, then expansion.  Letting go to make room for more of the New in the Now.