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I AM …

Here is a statement that may make some uncomfortable.  I AM a Divine Spark of the Creator.  I AM powerful and magnificent beyond measure.  Therefore, I AM not striving for perfection, I seek remembrance of myself at a soul level.  The fact of the matter is we ALL ARE.  I have noticed that when you begin to recognize who you really are, those around you may begin to feel a sense of unease.  Why you ask?  Because when you begin to embrace your power, remove the need to please others, you become a force to be reckoned with.  That unease that others begin to experience is not really related to you, so try not to take it personally.  You have become a mirror of sorts and for those not ready to recognize and embrace their own magnificence, a fear is then projected (directed) at the source which is making them feel uncomfortable.  We cannot recognize in someone else that which we have not yet recognized in ourself.  I am not judging, merely making an observation.  We are all on our own journeys, so where we are in our journey is right where we need to be.  There is no right or wrong, only stages to the process of growth. 

Love is who we are and I have realized that I can only BE who I AM, not who someone else wishes me to BE.  If I do, then I become their perception of me and not who I truly am.  Getting to this point in my process has not been easy, not by a long shot.  But the peace I experience when I live in the truth of who I AM has made any pain and difficulty worth it.

I continue to be a work in progress.  But I AM truly grateful for where I AM in this moment.


What’s with all the chaos?

Many have witnessed the “chaos” that is taking place in their life as well as in the world. It can be disconcerting to experience and cause us to feel a great deal of anxiety. My hope is to help eleviate some of that anxiety.

Anytime Change is occuring, we will first experience what will be perceived as chaos. But what is happening is a breakdown of “the old” energetic blueprints. You cannot lay “the new” which is the change occuring, on top of “the old”. Hence the appearance of chaos, as the old is breaking down to make space for the new. In other words, you cannot build a new building (life experience) on an old shakey foundation. I like to look at all of this upheaval as a transformation.

Though we may not always understand what is happening in that moment, it is happening for the greater good of All. It is the way of the Divine. Even though these times can test us to our limits, know that you have the strength and courage to persevere. The key is to listen to your heart and follow its guidance. When we begin to practice this, any perceived obstacle can be overcome. Once on the other side of the obstacle, the joy experienced, knowing what you have accomplished will be truly amazing. A job well done.

Change is in the air

There seems to be a feeling of excitement in the air.  Spring is just around the corner and with that comes a time for new beginnings.  A time to look at all in our lives and decide if there are places where change is long over due.  Perhaps a new job, a new love or just a change in the way we do things just to give us a fresh outlook.  Change does not come easy to some, this I know from experience.  But what change does is create “space” in our life for new and wonderful things to show up.  Change does not always mean external things.  Change can mean that we need to search inward and be very honest with ourselves about what is no longer working for us.  Get clear about what we would like to see shift in our lives and then work on making that happen.

With so many external distractions happening around us, we need to take time to just be still.  Stillness makes some people uncomfortable.  Without our phones, television or computers we feel that we may miss something.  But really what all those things do when we are unable to remove ourselves from them from time to time, is keep us from empowering ourselves with our true knowledge.  The knowledge of the soul.  You see, all the answers we will ever need we already have inside of us.  Take a moment and think about that.  Who knows you better than you?

A little food for thought.

When is a gift not a gift

I had an AHA moment based on an experience I had recently. It brought up this question for me. When is a gift not a gift? My answer, when it comes with strings attached. When someone gives me a gift, in whatever form that may take, I like to feel it is given from the heart of the giver. But I have come to the realization that some gifts come with strings attached. These strings can take the form of expectations and/or agendas (whether the giver is aware of it or not). The expectation is now that they have given you this gift, somewhere down the line there is an expectation that you now owe that person something in return. This is NOT a gift given from the heart. How will you know when a gift was not given from the heart? When you start to receive questions like, remember when I gave you that gift? Or, where is that gift I gave you? This will begin to happen again and again over time. It then becomes clear that a gfit that you thought was given with love has now become a gift filled with responsibilities to the giver of the gift. Now what once felt light and love filled begins to feel like a chain around your ankle. Please understand my intent is not to appear ungrateful. I am grateful for all blessings bestowed upon me. I just wish to make others aware that some blessings come with an opportunity for a lesson to be learned.