Change is in the air

There seems to be a feeling of excitement in the air.  Spring is just around the corner and with that comes a time for new beginnings.  A time to look at all in our lives and decide if there are places where change is long over due.  Perhaps a new job, a new love or just a change in the way we do things just to give us a fresh outlook.  Change does not come easy to some, this I know from experience.  But what change does is create “space” in our life for new and wonderful things to show up.  Change does not always mean external things.  Change can mean that we need to search inward and be very honest with ourselves about what is no longer working for us.  Get clear about what we would like to see shift in our lives and then work on making that happen.

With so many external distractions happening around us, we need to take time to just be still.  Stillness makes some people uncomfortable.  Without our phones, television or computers we feel that we may miss something.  But really what all those things do when we are unable to remove ourselves from them from time to time, is keep us from empowering ourselves with our true knowledge.  The knowledge of the soul.  You see, all the answers we will ever need we already have inside of us.  Take a moment and think about that.  Who knows you better than you?

A little food for thought.

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