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The gift of personal responsibility

gift of the heart

This “theme” has been coming up for me lately. I have been reflecting on this a lot. I have always loved to help others. It gives me great joy to be of service. But one of the things I have been reflecting on is how much giving is too much. I AM sure we all know people in our life that seem to need a bit more “help” then others. They look to us for advice or assistance in one form or another. And though I feel part of my purpose in life is to support and guide others, I realize there are two sides to every coin. Even with support and guidance the other person or persons will still have to participate in their own life. They have a personal responsibility to themselves.

When the “role” we take on of support and guidance begins to cross that fine line into constant care taking and problem fixing, we then have to ask the question, are we really still helping? The truth is our choices create our reality. So what reality are we creating when we take someone else’s reality and make it our own? No one wants to see anyone suffer or struggle, but just like a caterpillars transformation into a butterfly, sometimes the struggle is in fact necessary for their own transformation.

We are here on earth for the chance to experience the growth of our soul. What a beautiful and empowering gift to give to another then for them to discover their own majestic BEing! I can’t speak for anyone else but how can I know what is best for anyone else, when I AM still discovering what is best for me?

Pain does not have to be a bad four letter word


We have been conditioned to think of feeling pain as a “bad” experience. But the experience of pain, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual is a catalyst of becoming One with our self. Pain invites us into dialogue with our self. It opens us up to what the pain is trying to tell us. But we are conditioned to move the pain as soon as possible when it occurs. We have a headache, we take an aspirin, emotional pain, we may take a drink or partake of some type of drug (whether legal or illegal). If we can take a moment to notice where the pain is located, and acknowledge its presence, it will give us greater insight and an opportunity for healing. The first thought is usually “I want this pain to go away” so we do something to numb it. But we are not just numbing the pain, we are in fact numbing our self.

If the underlying cause of the pain is not ultimately dealt with, it will manifest in other ways that will get our attention. Even our descriptions of pain convey something is “wrong”, my heart is broken, I twisted my ankle. Instead of perceiving our heart to be broken, perhaps try to view it as being “broken open”. When something is “broken open” we get to see the very core of it. Instead of a twisted ankle, a shift in perception may be we are feeling unsupported in some way in our life. It’s about perception. I am not saying pain is pleasant, just a sure fire way to capture our attention. I am not advocating we do not seek medical attention if needed, our health and safety should always be our first priority.

So the next time we are experiencing some type of pain, instead of rushing off to “numb it” be still and ask yourself what is this pain trying to show me? When we can begin to do this, we are taking a small step toward true healing.

Healing of inner wounds

It has been a while since I have posted anything, but believe me that time has been well spent.  I have been traveling deeper into my inner core and discovering and bringing to my awareness, some inner wounds I have still been carrying.  With all the inner work I have been doing since I started my spiritual journey, who knew the many layers of oneself yet to be discovered.  I am peeling back the layers of betrayal, abandonment and rejection.  But by becoming aware of these deeper inner wounds, I AM also discovering the deeper meaning of LOVE.  Wow, a lot of crying (or releasing, as I like to refer to it).  But with each layer of release, greater clarity is revealed.  And with greater clarity comes a deeper knowing of Self. 

Rummaging around inside of myself and bringing my inner wounds to light, is giving me the courage to face any perceived obstacles that I may find in my path.  Though I prefer to view them as lessons in this school called Life.  I don’t believe there is a right way or a wrong way as we travel our path, only a field of infinite possibilities.  The more I release my heavy inner burdens (wounds), the more aware I become of these possibilities available to me.  These are exciting times!  Onward and upward!