Healing of inner wounds

It has been a while since I have posted anything, but believe me that time has been well spent.  I have been traveling deeper into my inner core and discovering and bringing to my awareness, some inner wounds I have still been carrying.  With all the inner work I have been doing since I started my spiritual journey, who knew the many layers of oneself yet to be discovered.  I am peeling back the layers of betrayal, abandonment and rejection.  But by becoming aware of these deeper inner wounds, I AM also discovering the deeper meaning of LOVE.  Wow, a lot of crying (or releasing, as I like to refer to it).  But with each layer of release, greater clarity is revealed.  And with greater clarity comes a deeper knowing of Self. 

Rummaging around inside of myself and bringing my inner wounds to light, is giving me the courage to face any perceived obstacles that I may find in my path.  Though I prefer to view them as lessons in this school called Life.  I don’t believe there is a right way or a wrong way as we travel our path, only a field of infinite possibilities.  The more I release my heavy inner burdens (wounds), the more aware I become of these possibilities available to me.  These are exciting times!  Onward and upward!


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