The month of July was one of BEing in deep inner connection. There was no where else to go but inward as July had the feeling of BEing in a void. I can only describe it as not feeling connected to anything external, nothing to “latch” on to, so to speak. That left me no choice other then to go within and connect with my inner BEing (my soul) who I had to trust was leading me to where I needed to BE. This can be a scary feeling, as the way I use to handle these feelings no longer worked. It was as though everything I tried to do was blocked. All around me I kept seeing and hearing the word surrender. Well as stubborn as I can BE, even I had to finally do just that, surrender. Let go and let God. Apparently my soul had other plans for me other then the ones I was trying to externally make happen. Okay, okay soul, I hear you.

I have to admit when I finally let go and stopped trying to push against what felt like an invisible brick wall, I experienced such a profound sense of peace. My frustration was gone. BEing in the void feels like BEing in a row boat in the middle of the night, with no oars to steer, but trusting the flow of water (my inner compass) taking me to a place of the unknown. What! Not know what is coming next! That feeling I have noticed seems to send most people into pure panic mode. And I admit though I was not panicking, I was feeling some anxiety. But once I finally listened to the guidance I was receiving to just surrender, as I said before, peace. Don’t get me wrong, in the month of July I was BEing in a space of creativity with my drawings, connecting with nature, doing things that spoke to my heart.

So here I AM in this moment in time and feeling that things are shifting. I AM facing the unknown head on, and instead of feeling anxiety, I feel excited. I AM just going to hang on for the ride!

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