External experiences can lead to internal peace


As humans we do everything possible not to experience emotional hurt and pain. But what if these experiences move us deeper into the core of who we really are? We have been taught to follow along without questions and never show our vulnerability. Being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness, it is in fact our greatest strength. And who said rebellion is such a bad thing? Standing up for what is best for ourselves is only viewed as rebellion because it usually means we are not doing what someone else thinks we should do.

We are here to create and experience our own reality, not the reality created for us by others. Lets begin to follow our hearts and learn to embrace all experiences, not only the “good ones”. If we look deeply within, we can begin to discern what lessons these experiences may have for us. Nuggets of wisdom just waiting for us to receive as A-HA moments.

When we stop resisting so we do not have to experience the hurt or pain and “ride the wave” of what we are feeling, we will find once we reach the other side of the situation we begin to actually experience peace. But we have to be willing to do our inner work. What we resist, persists. When we are able to surrender and accept what is in the present moment, we open a space for miracles and magic to occur. I recently received this guidance from my guides;

In the stillness
there is Love and Light
a place where your soul emerges
longing to experience and BE.

Sounds like good advice to me.

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