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Standing in your own wholeness (Holiness)

Love mandala

During the holidays I had lunch with a very good friend of mine. We some how got on the subject of Love and relationships and he made a comment along the lines of “with relationships you have to give up your freedom.” Wait a minute, what? As I contemplated this comment for the next few days I realized there are some who may feel this way as well.

True Love, love from the soul, does not ask you to give up your freedom. Quite the contrary, Love is continuously growing and evolving, it is expansive. True Love encourages one to spread their wings and fly. Anything else being experienced is not True Love, as True Love from our soul, our spirit is unconditional. The Love that most of us have experienced have had conditions attached, and that may have given us a feeling of giving up our freedom.

But one must discover their own inner wholeness. This is a process. When we look to others to find “completeness”, what we are really saying is without you I AM not whole. But in truth we are. When we begin to recognize our own wholeness (holiness), we no longer feel the need to search outside ourselves for someone to fill this need. We stop searching outside of ourselves and begin to experience our internal wholeness. We then begin to raise our energetic vibration. This process is a healing (wholing) within ourselves. We then begin to attract others to us who are experiencing this same process. Our relationships then become one of choice, not desperation from fear of losing that person, or loneliness. When we stand in our own wholeness (holiness), we radiate this to others. We live and lead by example. This is how we change the world. There is a fire within you, a flame waiting to be ignited. Stand up and declare I AM Whole! Affirm this and so it is done.

The Void

the-pleiades-star-cluster -the void

I would like to shed some light on a state of BEing that I refer to as “the void”. This state of BEing may be experienced as a feeling of emptiness. But in reality, is a field of infinite possibilities. That feeling of emptiness or “nothingness” is where we gain clarity, getting clearer direction regarding our intentions, the desires of our heart. Infinite possibilities to create the reality we wish to experience. What one has to begin to understand is that life is not happening to you. As powerful co-creators, you are in fact creating your own reality. The questions is whether you are doing this in a conscious manner. Your beliefs and old patterns shape your reality. The Universe is neutral but all-loving. It wants you experience what you desire to experience. That is why we must become aware and very clear about what our hearts desires truly are. Set the intention for this to be your experience and let the Universe co-create with you to achieve them.

We have been taught that “the void” is a place we want to (avoid) at all cost, but in actuality, it is a state of BEing that literally can create miracles. Our emotions (or lack there of) are indicators, sign posts if you will, to inner depths that most fear to tread. It is time to release the fear of opening up to our feelings, as they are the cornerstone of our existence. There is a natural ebb and flow to life, but we have been taught that we must only show how happy we are, that everything is fine. But if we cannot express our authentic feelings (this includes the times we may not feel as upbeat) this creates an imbalance, and our body will naturally begin to try to create balance. So the next time you may feel as if you are in “the void”, sit with it, meditate, see what wisdom it has to offer you.