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The Integration of Heaven on Earth

integration of Heaven and Earth

The veils are thinning.  Gaia is ascending.  With this ascension of Earth, we are also ascending, as there is no separation, so what affects one, affects the other.  With the activations of the gridpoints of Earth, the activations of portals and gateways long dormant, the next phase of the journey begins.

What does that mean for Humanity?  It means the coming together of soul groups and communities.  The Light of one is strong, the Light of many is vast.  As more awaken to their Divinity, the Light of many will shine forth, BEing a beacon for those in the beginning stages of their awakening journey.  That does not mean anyone is better then anyone else, it simply means we are at different stages of our journeys.  Our journeys are lit with our own signposts and with each step we take we are guided forward for our own journey Home.

As we anchor the Light codes we are receiving, we integrate these codes as we connect with Gaia to bring Heaven to Earth.  We are the transmitters of Light, we integrate and anchor, then we emit this Light.  We will attract those who are seeking, as well as those we are seeking.  We must shine our light brightly, for our mission dictates our actions.  Do not take offense to the word dicatates, as with any words we must open ourselves up to the true meanings, not societies meaning, as one may seek to divide, while the other only knows Oneness.  Discernment is essential.

Onward and upward!



Dream visitor


Last night I had a dream that I was in a car and drove up to this door.  I parked and got out of the car and walked up to the door.  When I opened the door a cobra that was sitting coiled on a ledge moved and shot out as if to strike.  But it did not.  It stopped short and then recoiled to sit back on the ledge.  I quickly closed the door and made my way back to the car and got in.  Though I was startled in the dream, I did not really feel any fear.  Below is what I found regarding the symbolism of the cobra:

CobraSoul guide, transmutation of the soul, past life memories, wisdom of the Goddess, freedom from religious persecution
This is not the first time that the cobra has shown up in my dreams.  Another time it showed up integrated with one of my female spirit guides in a dream.  The head of the cobra was literally her left hand and the tail of the cobra was her right.
I feel as though the cobra in my dream last night is representing a shift to a different level for me.  The fact that I was opening a door, representing new doorways opening for me?   I am sure I will gain more clarity in perfect timing.
Magic and miracles!

Cosmic Life

cosmic life

As I walk my ascension path, I have realized with the spring equinox, super moon and solar eclipse happening together, I AM simultaneously experiencing endings as well as new beginnings.  I AM gaining greater insights and clarity into my authentic self.  I AM realizing that as a “dream walker” I AM BEing given glimpses of future possibilities in life.  Sometimes metaphorically, sometimes with slight variations as these glimpses materialize in my physical world.  I AM always in awe of all that is BEing revealed as my soul remembers its true identity.  We are remembering that we are all multi-dimensional BEings living this earthly experience so that we may anchor this divine knowledge to experience Heaven on Earth.

For those that are experiencing dreams of talking and interacting with loved ones who have passed over or dream interactions that seem to be with those you may not recognize from your physical life, please know that as vast BEings of Light our dream states afford us the opportunity for our souls to soar as our physical bodies rest and rejuvenate.

Those who are awakening at this time may find themselves feeling anxious and fearful and not fully understanding why.  These are powerful times energetically and with the lunar eclipse occuring on April 4, promises to keep those who choose to do so continueing to move forward.

This ascension path is a continuous journey, one that reveals layer by layer, all in Divine timing.  All is in perfect Divine order and even though it may not appear this way in our physical reality, know that all is well.


Questions and Answers


Today I feel guided to try something new.  With so much change occuring at this time, I thought I would reach out and see if there were any questions that someone would like to ask of Spirit regarding these times.  So please feel free to ask your questions if you feel guided to do so and I would be happy to choose a few and see what wisdom Spirit would like to share with us.

We are walking the path of the unknown.  Thanks in advance for any questions shared.


Solar Flares

solar flare

I read that we experienced an X-2 class solar flare yesterday and asked my guides what was happening with the solar flares that were taking place.  This is the information I received;

Galactic alignments.  The energies from the solar flares are connecting to the vortexes and portals on Earth.  What does this mean for you?  With the intergration of the incoming energies, you are upgrading your DNA.  Cellular memories are awakening and all that no longer serves you is being released.  On a physical level this may be experienced as skin rashes, tiredness and for others may be experienced as feeling energized.  All is BEing monitored and we honor all whose soul has chosen this path.

So as we can see, all is not always as it seems on a physical level.  Things that we may notice with our physical senses carries deeper meaning.  I am excited for all that is occuring but things can sure feel intense at times!


The Light

The Light

The heart is my compass, shining guiding light through the confusion.

It radiates its light for all to behold,

to act as a beacon, a torch of golden fire.

The expansion of the Love that resides in my heart reaches out to

encompass all who cross my path.  I AM a servant of God’s Will, a

portion of a Divine Plan so vast, the human mind cannot even begin

to grasp.  My wings are spread, I AM stepping off the ledge, taking

that Leap of Faith, Knowing I will soar, Knowing I AM.



A time of change

A time of change

As can happen from time to time, when Spirit wants to convey a message through me I do not always have to ask a specific question.  Sometimes, as with the message below, Spirit has something to say and the message will just start to come through.  And as I AM only the vessel, I align myself with God’s will to bring through these messages.  This is what Spirit wanted to convey:

We are in a time of great change.  What is being reflected is the breakdown of all that is of the “old”.  Relationships will require our authentic self to “show up”.  The question must be asked “what is it I wish to create”? 

The Photon Belt is in the midst of great change.  Do not despair if you do not see major physical change all at once.  Things are being shifted and moved on an energetic level, so all may be manifested for its highest good.  Each human will perceive the changes taking place from their own awareness.  The perception of one is not the same as the perception of another.  And why would it be beloveds, if you are each creating your own reality?  We go, but we leave this message with you.

What more can be said?  Truly Divine.