A time of change

A time of change

As can happen from time to time, when Spirit wants to convey a message through me I do not always have to ask a specific question.  Sometimes, as with the message below, Spirit has something to say and the message will just start to come through.  And as I AM only the vessel, I align myself with God’s will to bring through these messages.  This is what Spirit wanted to convey:

We are in a time of great change.  What is being reflected is the breakdown of all that is of the “old”.  Relationships will require our authentic self to “show up”.  The question must be asked “what is it I wish to create”? 

The Photon Belt is in the midst of great change.  Do not despair if you do not see major physical change all at once.  Things are being shifted and moved on an energetic level, so all may be manifested for its highest good.  Each human will perceive the changes taking place from their own awareness.  The perception of one is not the same as the perception of another.  And why would it be beloveds, if you are each creating your own reality?  We go, but we leave this message with you.

What more can be said?  Truly Divine.





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