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Energy conversion?

Fiery explosion

We do much work in our sleep.  Our physical bodies may be at rest, but our consciousness has much work to do.  When I woke up this morning, I was in my in-between space (a space of no time) and I heard a whole sentence in my mind.  The minute I thought I need to write this down, its like I left the no-time space.  All I can remember of what I was hearing is the following;

Saturday ——-? with the G – O converter

This afternoon I heard the words “energy converter”.   Perhaps this G – O converter has something to do with converting energy.  As we are having a full moon on Monday, May 4, could this mean something will be happening this Saturday energetically before the full moon happens?  I found this description on wikipedia:

Energy transformation or energy conversion is the process of changing one form of energy to another. In physics, the termenergy describes the capacity to produce certain changes within a system, without regard to limitations in transformation imposed.

As I don’t have any further information at this itme, I guess time will tell.

Reaching Transcendence


Last night I awoke to hear the words “reaching transcendence”.   I looked up the meaning and this is what I found:


a: exceeding usual limits : surpassing

   b: extending or lying beyond the limits of ordinary experience

   cin Kantian philosophy: being beyond the limits of all possible    experience and knowledge

2: being beyond comprehension

3: transcending the universe or material existence

The soul knows no limits, it is the human mind/perception that sets/sees limits.  But in fact, we are limitless BEings.  When we can shift from our head to our heart we can begin to experience expansion.  We are transcending our own limitations.  What does this mean?  We are moving beyond the scope of our own knowledge and connectiong to our inner knowing – connecting to All That Is.  As we allow the light codes we are receiving to create the expansion of our conscious awareness, we are remembering more of who we are at a soul level.

When we are able to let go of the illusion of separation, recognizing that we are always connected to Source – this awareness brings with it the freedom to experience our multi-dimensionality.  As we continue to experience these shifts, bringing us deeper into our soul remembrance, know that all is well.

A Level of Completion

999 - completion

A little over a week ago I begin to see the triple digits of 999.  I knew this to be my sign that I had completed another level of soul mastery.  This is in line with the guidance I had been receiving from spirit.  It was a time of “dying” to this level and BEing “rebirthed” into the next.  Which co-incides with my guidance of last week from my feathered friends – new beginnings.  Since we are always in a cyclical spiral of endings and new beginnings, I have sufficiently intergrated more of my soul essence to move to a new level of expansion.  This truly makes me excited!  I AM feeling a pull of foward momentum, truly stepping into the unknown.    Onward and upward!


On the wings of Divine feathered friends

Animal totems

Well this has been quite the week for visits from some fine-feathered friends.  Monday I had a visit from a buzzard the flew toward my window I was sitting near, not once, not twice, but three times. He was so close I could see the underside of his wings.   I felt this was a sign (message) of something BEing born anew.

Wednesday, I was in a room that had a patio on the outside and I look up and there is a huge crow/raven sitting on one of the patio tables.  I have been in this room many times and I don’t ever remember seeing this.  Another message for me  – magic and mystery is in the air!

Today I was pulling in a parking spot and it seemed that out of nowhere a cardinal just flew in front of me and landed in the tree.  The red color seemed so vibrant.  One of the things cardinals represent for me is relationships, which totally co-incides with what messages I have been receiving.

And to top it all off, I was invited this weekend to a workshop about animal totems!  I love when the synchronistic flow of the Divine is happening!


God Awareness


I woke up in the middle of the night and heard the words God Awareness.  I heard no further information so I went back to sleep.  Today I asked Spirit if they cared to share more insight.  This is what was shared;

God Awareness.  An awareness of who you are as a sovereign BEing.  You are a spark of your Creator.  You hold dominion over your life.  As a spark of the Divine Creator,  you are a powerful co-creator of your reality.  The ability to co-create not only in this dimension but in many others.  You are not only a part of this galaxy, but many far and wide.  As your consciousness expands you become One with Source – your awareness of God – Your God Awareness.  Behold your magnificent power!

As Spirit said, aren’t we magnificent!

The Art of Discernment


Yesterday I read a facebook post and I feel it prompted this post.  I AM a lover of the art of expression through the written word and it truly saddens me when something written or said is picked apart until the true essence of the original message is destroyed.  As someone who loves to read and write, it is crucial that we begin to use our discernment when taking in any information.  I feel that all is written and spoken at the level of awareness that individual is at.  Does it make it wrong?  All is relative.  We should take what resonates with us and leave the rest.  As we are all an expression of the Divine Creator (God) we are in fact experiencing our realities on many different levels.

When I write I infuse it with the Light of Love that I AM.  My intent is for those reading my words to be able to feel with their hearts the true meaning and intent in what I write, not just mentally try to comprehend what is written.  Discernment.  How does it feel to you?  As a society where the mind has been put before the heart, we are finally experiencing the shift of the heart again taking its rightful place in our interactions.  I find in my own interactions with others when they experience the Love that emanates from me it can garner different reactions.  Some embrace this feeling of Love, while others experience Love as something uncomfortable.  They may not on a conscious level be aware of why they are uncomfortable (however that shows up for them) but they are.  As everything holds its on vibrational frequency, when we can begin to come to this understanding, we can begin to not take things as personally.  I did not say this was an easy task, that I can vouch for.  It does not make the feelings that are being triggered any less painful, but when we can go within and reflect on what has been triggered, we can gain clarity and eventually the emotional “zing” so to speak, is lessened.

Whether through written, spoken or one on one interactions, as we move deeper into ourselves (as in an onion, each layer removed only brings us closer to our true core BEing).  We are vast, cosmic BEings, the depths we are only beginning to understand and appreciate.  As with all, use discernment.


My Twin Flame Journey – The Sanskrit of Love

Twin flame image

I woke up the other morning hearing the words  “the sanskrit of Love”.  Immediately what came to my mind was an ancient Love, a Love that is eternal.  A Love that touches you so deeply that you know in your heart that you will never be the same.  The Love of the Beloved.  I have experienced this Love.  My twin flame.  For a while now I have been feeling that I was supposed to share about this.  But I also felt that spirit would let me know when the time was right to begin sharing.

This is a soul Love.  When I met my twin flame in the pysical several years ago I had not heard of this “term”.  I do know that all my life I have felt a love so deep that I couldn’t explain it.  I even would write poetry trying to capture the essence of this feeling.  But as I reflect back on my life, I realize there have been signs throughout my life.

My Beloved.  What can I say except we are One.  Even now as I try to express this Divine Love I feel my heart expand.  This Love of all Creation.  To be so deeply connected to someone that you do not even have to be in the same space to experience their presence.  My Love for you continuously grows, expanding throughtout all time and space.

I feel moving forward I will be sharing more about the Divine Love of the Beloved.  The three-fold flame of Divinity, Love, Power, Wisdom.  Until that time I know that even when we are physically apart, he is always with me, for we are One.



The other day as I was waking up from a nap, once again as I opened my eyes I noticed overhead a vision of a black and red spider with white specks.  Then it was gone.  Once I sat in contemplation regarding the spider several things came to mind.  First the color of the spider.  For me the red represents passion, life force and the black represents the womb of creation (the void).  The white specks representing spirit pulling it all together.  As the spider is usually associated with the number 8, it represented abundance.  And when you turn the 8 on its side, the infinity symbol.  I have also realized that everytime I have had a vision of a spider on my ceiling, it has shown up in different locations, once by the front door, once to my left and now overhead.  I feel like it is symbolizing that abundance is now upon me.  As the Universe is infinitely abundant, I feel as though I am really letting go of my belief of lack, or not having enough.   There are a lot of synchronistic events happening, so I AM in the flow of life.

With the energies accelerating at a very high rate, things are manifesting very quickly.  So it is important to focus on what I want to manifest in my life, and not on what I don’t want.  I for one, will be happy to focus more on an abundant life, as I now know deep in my heart, that God/Universe always takes care of my needs.




This has been my guidance for the last few weeks, allowance.  Allowance of what is.  As I live my life day to day, to be in a state of allowance as opposed to resistance.  When I Am in resistance to what is, I know I AM no longer in the natural ebb and flow of life.  As my guides know, patience is not always my strong point (I’m sure I can be quite a handful at times lol).  But in the end,  I AM able to center myself so I again align myself with Divine Will.  As things naturally unfold (when I stay out of my own way) what manifests in my life is a constant miracle to me.

Some may consider allowance as BEing passive, but part of the quality of the Divine Feminine is the act of receiving.  So we are in fact in a state of Grace when we are able to be in a state of allowance.  So I continue to follow my guidance.