This has been my guidance for the last few weeks, allowance.  Allowance of what is.  As I live my life day to day, to be in a state of allowance as opposed to resistance.  When I Am in resistance to what is, I know I AM no longer in the natural ebb and flow of life.  As my guides know, patience is not always my strong point (I’m sure I can be quite a handful at times lol).  But in the end,  I AM able to center myself so I again align myself with Divine Will.  As things naturally unfold (when I stay out of my own way) what manifests in my life is a constant miracle to me.

Some may consider allowance as BEing passive, but part of the quality of the Divine Feminine is the act of receiving.  So we are in fact in a state of Grace when we are able to be in a state of allowance.  So I continue to follow my guidance.



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