The other day as I was waking up from a nap, once again as I opened my eyes I noticed overhead a vision of a black and red spider with white specks.  Then it was gone.  Once I sat in contemplation regarding the spider several things came to mind.  First the color of the spider.  For me the red represents passion, life force and the black represents the womb of creation (the void).  The white specks representing spirit pulling it all together.  As the spider is usually associated with the number 8, it represented abundance.  And when you turn the 8 on its side, the infinity symbol.  I have also realized that everytime I have had a vision of a spider on my ceiling, it has shown up in different locations, once by the front door, once to my left and now overhead.  I feel like it is symbolizing that abundance is now upon me.  As the Universe is infinitely abundant, I feel as though I am really letting go of my belief of lack, or not having enough.   There are a lot of synchronistic events happening, so I AM in the flow of life.

With the energies accelerating at a very high rate, things are manifesting very quickly.  So it is important to focus on what I want to manifest in my life, and not on what I don’t want.  I for one, will be happy to focus more on an abundant life, as I now know deep in my heart, that God/Universe always takes care of my needs.


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