On the wings of Divine feathered friends

Animal totems

Well this has been quite the week for visits from some fine-feathered friends.  Monday I had a visit from a buzzard the flew toward my window I was sitting near, not once, not twice, but three times. He was so close I could see the underside of his wings.   I felt this was a sign (message) of something BEing born anew.

Wednesday, I was in a room that had a patio on the outside and I look up and there is a huge crow/raven sitting on one of the patio tables.  I have been in this room many times and I don’t ever remember seeing this.  Another message for me  – magic and mystery is in the air!

Today I was pulling in a parking spot and it seemed that out of nowhere a cardinal just flew in front of me and landed in the tree.  The red color seemed so vibrant.  One of the things cardinals represent for me is relationships, which totally co-incides with what messages I have been receiving.

And to top it all off, I was invited this weekend to a workshop about animal totems!  I love when the synchronistic flow of the Divine is happening!


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