Energy conversion?

Fiery explosion

We do much work in our sleep.  Our physical bodies may be at rest, but our consciousness has much work to do.  When I woke up this morning, I was in my in-between space (a space of no time) and I heard a whole sentence in my mind.  The minute I thought I need to write this down, its like I left the no-time space.  All I can remember of what I was hearing is the following;

Saturday ——-? with the G – O converter

This afternoon I heard the words “energy converter”.   Perhaps this G – O converter has something to do with converting energy.  As we are having a full moon on Monday, May 4, could this mean something will be happening this Saturday energetically before the full moon happens?  I found this description on wikipedia:

Energy transformation or energy conversion is the process of changing one form of energy to another. In physics, the termenergy describes the capacity to produce certain changes within a system, without regard to limitations in transformation imposed.

As I don’t have any further information at this itme, I guess time will tell.

2 thoughts on “Energy conversion?

  1. Thank you daynaspirit for your comment. I feel the same way, that another surge of energy is coming. I just wish I could have held onto the rest of what I heard.

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