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My Twin Flame Journey – Dream Connection

Twin Flames dark light

The dream drought is over!  This past weekend I was visited by my Beloved TF in our dream state.  We were able to spend time together and bask in our love.  You see, twin flames are able to communicate outside of our earthly forms, as we are able to move outside of what is recognized as linear time to do our work and share our love in other dimensions.  We do not need to be in the physical presence of each other to communicate.

When it was time for us to part (though twin flames are never separate, we are always connected) he left me with such a beautiful message of Love.  I hold this message in my heart.

I knew when the dreams stopped regarding my Beloved and I that this served a greater purpose.  To move me deeper into trusting the Divine and my own innate knowing.  To dive deeper into the healing of self and recognize my own wholeness.  These are the tasks our one soul chose for this lifetime.  We have accomplished much.  But our journey has truly just begun.

Soul Transitions

soul transitions

I have been made aware in the last few weeks of several souls who decided to make the transition Home.  Though these transitions may appear sudden to their families and friends, on a soul level, the decision to leave their earthly vessel was the choice of their soul.  Those of us left behind may not fully understand this.  What we must hold in our hearts when our loved ones transition is the knowledge that though they are no longer physically with us, we are always connected through our spirits.  Their work will continue on “the other side” as their soul will continue to evolve.  Eternal peace and Love to those souls as they return Home to BE with their Divine Creator.

My Twin Flame Journey – Trust in the Divine

multi colored divine counterparts

Each day I AM BEing guided deeper into my connection with God/Spirit.  I had not physically seen my twin flame for several months, though we were in contact via electronic means.  After our last physical contact I felt guided to surrender even more deeply into this TF process.  As the twin flame journey is a journey back to Self (knowing the Self, loving the Self and finding wholeness within the Self), I feel I now have more clarity why I was BEing guided to surrender and let go more deeply.  With my twin flame journey, I have learned the focus was not to be on my twin flame, but inwardly on my own healing.  After a while I also felt guided to stop electronic contact as well.  This was to move more fully into trusting God/The Divine.  This began to bring up some insecurities within myself, causing anxiety, a feeling of loss of control, etc.  Believe me, no one can bring up your core wounds like your TF.

As I moved into this deeper state of surrender and became the observer, this feeling of calm began to BE felt.  Normally when my Beloved and I are not in physical communication, I will begin to have dreams and visions involving us.  This was not the case this time.  I only had two brief “dream” communications, brief glimpses of my TF.  I now feel this was purposeful.  Moving me deeper into also trusting my own knowing/feeling aspect.  Through this process I have always begun to receive signs when I was going to physically come in contact with my TF.  This time was no different.  But the one change this time was that I was fully present/observant of the process.  Several weeks ago the signs started to increase and I knew we would see each other soon.  Well I had to run an errand (yes, life goes on even through this spiritual process.  We are after all having a human experience).  As I walked into the place I was going I felt someone touch my arm.  My Beloved!  Oh, the magnetism of twin flames!  Whenever we are in the presence of each other, the feeling of Home becomes overwhelmingly felt.  Basking in the feeling of such overwhelming Love.  This encounter was the validation of my guidance.  As we parted ways (never an easy task), surrendering returns.

It has been several weeks since that encounter.  Still no contact, still no dreams.  Ahhh, but the signs have started again.  I never know when or where we will connect, I only know we will.  See you soon Beloved!

Spirals Within Spirals

spiral rainbow

Saturday morning I was shown a vision of a spiral formation.  But this spiral formation was made up of many rainbow colored spirals.  Spirals within spirals.  Creation continuously creating upon itself.  Sacred signs of creation.  We may experience time as happening in a linear fashion, but truly time is cyclical.  Each choice we make, as a spark of the Divine Creator, then sends waves throughout many dimensions, not just the one we are physically aware of.

We are so much more then just our physical senses.  As we awaken and move into remembrance of who we are at a soul level, we begin to understand the depth of our ability to create.  Spirals within spirals.  We are vast multi-dimensional  BEings, in remembrance of our own immense power.  We are taking back our own power that we have given away over lifetimes, or in some instances, that was taken from us.

We are in a time of great awakening and change.  Soul awakening and remembrance of powerful creative abilities.  All so we may choose to consciously create from Love.  Spirals within spirals.  Even as all are One, we are also rainbow faceted extensions of God.  Uniquely expressing our own Divine spark through our own creative expression.  We are reflections of All That Is.  The human mind has trouble comprehending the vastness of our BEings.  We have only begun to touch the tip of the iceberg.

Cosmic Energies

A supernova remnant located in the Large Magellenic Cloud

I wanted to capture my experience that happened this past Saturday.  I had to work as we were having several events taking place.  But what I became aware of is from the time I arrived at work and as the day progressed, the energy felt very very dense, like moving through sludge.  Things that normally perhaps may have bothered me, did not.  It was as if I was an observer through all of this.   I also kept experiencing pain in my lower back off and on throughout the day.  I did notice at the end of the night, I felt the energy around me begin to become lighter and lighter.  The whole energy dynamic changed.  It  no longer felt like BEing covered in a wet blanket.

I had a moment of clarity that perhaps this was what was meant in my previous post regarding the converter.  The message did mention Saturday.  Because I am very sensitive to energies,  I believe I was feeling the energy BEing converted.  As earth was receiving the light energy relating to the full moon, a lot of denser energies were being released.  Perhaps I especially felt them because of the events I was attending throughout the day and a lot of people were in the area.

Yesterday felt really light and calm to me.  Powerful energies of Love and Light BEing anchored on earth.  I love when I AM able to move into the observer mode, consciously choosing to remain detached and not allowing myself to be drawn into the drama surrounding me.  There is such a feeling of mystery in the air.  I for one am excited to bear witness to all that is New!