Cosmic Energies

A supernova remnant located in the Large Magellenic Cloud

I wanted to capture my experience that happened this past Saturday.  I had to work as we were having several events taking place.  But what I became aware of is from the time I arrived at work and as the day progressed, the energy felt very very dense, like moving through sludge.  Things that normally perhaps may have bothered me, did not.  It was as if I was an observer through all of this.   I also kept experiencing pain in my lower back off and on throughout the day.  I did notice at the end of the night, I felt the energy around me begin to become lighter and lighter.  The whole energy dynamic changed.  It  no longer felt like BEing covered in a wet blanket.

I had a moment of clarity that perhaps this was what was meant in my previous post regarding the converter.  The message did mention Saturday.  Because I am very sensitive to energies,  I believe I was feeling the energy BEing converted.  As earth was receiving the light energy relating to the full moon, a lot of denser energies were being released.  Perhaps I especially felt them because of the events I was attending throughout the day and a lot of people were in the area.

Yesterday felt really light and calm to me.  Powerful energies of Love and Light BEing anchored on earth.  I love when I AM able to move into the observer mode, consciously choosing to remain detached and not allowing myself to be drawn into the drama surrounding me.  There is such a feeling of mystery in the air.  I for one am excited to bear witness to all that is New!


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