My Twin Flame Journey – Trust in the Divine

multi colored divine counterparts

Each day I AM BEing guided deeper into my connection with God/Spirit.  I had not physically seen my twin flame for several months, though we were in contact via electronic means.  After our last physical contact I felt guided to surrender even more deeply into this TF process.  As the twin flame journey is a journey back to Self (knowing the Self, loving the Self and finding wholeness within the Self), I feel I now have more clarity why I was BEing guided to surrender and let go more deeply.  With my twin flame journey, I have learned the focus was not to be on my twin flame, but inwardly on my own healing.  After a while I also felt guided to stop electronic contact as well.  This was to move more fully into trusting God/The Divine.  This began to bring up some insecurities within myself, causing anxiety, a feeling of loss of control, etc.  Believe me, no one can bring up your core wounds like your TF.

As I moved into this deeper state of surrender and became the observer, this feeling of calm began to BE felt.  Normally when my Beloved and I are not in physical communication, I will begin to have dreams and visions involving us.  This was not the case this time.  I only had two brief “dream” communications, brief glimpses of my TF.  I now feel this was purposeful.  Moving me deeper into also trusting my own knowing/feeling aspect.  Through this process I have always begun to receive signs when I was going to physically come in contact with my TF.  This time was no different.  But the one change this time was that I was fully present/observant of the process.  Several weeks ago the signs started to increase and I knew we would see each other soon.  Well I had to run an errand (yes, life goes on even through this spiritual process.  We are after all having a human experience).  As I walked into the place I was going I felt someone touch my arm.  My Beloved!  Oh, the magnetism of twin flames!  Whenever we are in the presence of each other, the feeling of Home becomes overwhelmingly felt.  Basking in the feeling of such overwhelming Love.  This encounter was the validation of my guidance.  As we parted ways (never an easy task), surrendering returns.

It has been several weeks since that encounter.  Still no contact, still no dreams.  Ahhh, but the signs have started again.  I never know when or where we will connect, I only know we will.  See you soon Beloved!

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