My Twin Flame Journey – Dream Connection

Twin Flames dark light

The dream drought is over!  This past weekend I was visited by my Beloved TF in our dream state.  We were able to spend time together and bask in our love.  You see, twin flames are able to communicate outside of our earthly forms, as we are able to move outside of what is recognized as linear time to do our work and share our love in other dimensions.  We do not need to be in the physical presence of each other to communicate.

When it was time for us to part (though twin flames are never separate, we are always connected) he left me with such a beautiful message of Love.  I hold this message in my heart.

I knew when the dreams stopped regarding my Beloved and I that this served a greater purpose.  To move me deeper into trusting the Divine and my own innate knowing.  To dive deeper into the healing of self and recognize my own wholeness.  These are the tasks our one soul chose for this lifetime.  We have accomplished much.  But our journey has truly just begun.


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