Energy Infusion

streaks of light

There is this “undercurrent” to the energies these last few days.  Even though it feels calm on the surface, there is a huge infusion of greater light filaments (spirits word not mine).  In my minds eye I see streaks of different colors (greenish teal, yellowish orange).  Could be described as gateways of light.  I have added definitions of what I came across on


(in a light bulb or other incandescent lamp) the thread like conductor, often of tungsten, in the bulb that is heated to incandescence by the passage of current.

 Electronics. the heating element (sometimes also acting as a cathode) of a vacuum tube, resembling the filament in an incandescent bulb.


the negative electrode in an electrolytic cell; the electrode by which electrons enter a device from an external circuit

the negatively charged electron source in an electronic valve

the positive terminal of a primary cell

Light absorption on a cellular level.  We are absorbing and expanding again.  These streaks (or filaments) of light are being received by our cellular structure.  Though this is beyond my understanding on a mental level, I have tried to capture the essence of what spirit is conveying.  Bottom line, energy infusion.

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