Speaking My Truth

speak your truth

On Sunday I had a dream where I was laying in bed next to my Ex, but I was talking out loud (in the dream) to someone (I believe it was one of my guides).  I was saying that I was going to be leaving.  My Ex and I broke up over 15 years ago and he passed away about two years ago.  When we broke up I did end up moving out and onto my new life.  In the dream, once he heard me say that I would be leaving, he put his hand around my throat.  I had my fingers between his hand and my throat, but I could clearly feel the pressure of his hand.  I said to him “take your hand off of my throat”.  I feel I have more to do in this lifetime, so I did not feel I was referring to leaving this life, but that I meant I would be leaving him.

I feel that in the dream, it was not a case of him trying to hurt me, but I felt his hand represented more of a constriction.  Something perhaps trying to keep me from speaking my truth?  Or since his hand was on my throat, someone else not wanting me to continue speaking my truth?  Perhaps the reference to leave him pertains to me more fully releasing and leaving behind what no longer serves me?

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was having head/tooth/sinus issues, which once I took care of the tooth issue, then turned into a full blown cold/cough.  This cold has lasted for over a week, with terrible coughing fits.  I knew in my heart that is was more continued deep releasing, as the two issues were back to back.

As I continue on my journey, I AM sure more information will be provided.

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