A Message From My Galactic Family

galactic family

The energetic field surrounding Earth right now is BEing inundated with pure Divine Love, as those who have chosen to awaken are aware of.  Rainbow Unity infused Light to BE felt and integrated.  Those who are just BEginning to awaken, may be in a state of confusion by what to them appears to BE a breakdown of everything they know.  The breakdown of old structures is what is needed at this time for the continued evolution of Humanity.  Though there are those who try to hold on to the old ways of BEing, because for some the need to control and manipulate is their way of life.  Keep the Faith and continue to hold the Light, as all is for the greater unfolding of the Divine Plan.

We, your Galactic family, are in awe of your service to Humanity and we honor and Love you.  As you have noticed, the ability to manifest your hearts desires has increased.  Therefore, it is important to focus on what you wish to see manifest in your physical reality.  You are moving deeper into the remembrance of who you truly are, as all is in Divine Order.

We are always here to offer Love, support and guidance.  Godspeed my child.

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