Zombie Dream


A couple of days ago I had a dream about people who were injected with some sort of parasitic “serum”.   Those who gave the serum to us wanted to see what would happen.  Most of those that were given this “serum” begin to turn into zombies.  Me and someone I actually know in my physical reality did not turn into zombies.  The ones that did turn into zombies were causing destruction to themselves and others as well as property.  Me and my friend seemed to develop antibodies against whatever we were given.  The people turning into zombies could not seem to see us and if they did, could not seem to cause us harm.

I feel this dreams signifies that those becoming zombies are still BEing controlled and manipulated by others and caught up in the chaos of the 3D world.  The fact that my friend and I seemed to immune to whatever was given to us could signify we are BEcoming more discerning regarding the lies, control and manipulation, gaining greater clarity and awareness, hence, the “serum” did not have the same effect on us as we had built up some sort of immunity.

I guess time will reveal if more information will be forthcoming.

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