A Brief Sharing

pyramid image

A few days ago a had a vision of three pyramids in sand with a man (or what appeared to be a male) walking toward them.  Imagine my delight when I came across this picture.  Disregard everything in it except the pyramid (as I said there were 3 in my vision) and the color of the sand (the golden orange color).  This is exactly how my vision looked.  I feel the cosmic energies we are receiving are activating ancient knowledge stored in the pyramids until the appropriate time arrived.  The time Is Now.

I know I have been experiencing new activations of my soul gifts.  One is a Light language activation.  I will BE writing about that at a later time.  I feel there is so much that wants to come through, but it will happen all in Divine timing.

Last night while sleeping I found myself in a mental conversation with someone, I remember him saying his name was Errgone (not necessarily the correct spelling, I AM more spelling how it sounded to me).  There was also a conversation about multidimensionality but I can’t remember the specifics.   I noticed yesterday  I was feeling the need to reflect inwardly, perhaps this was why.

Walking the path of the unknown can have its challenges, but at the same time I AM in awe of the magic and wonder we are BEing shown by the Universe.

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