A Change Has Occurred

time for a change

This morning when I started to awaken and was in the in-between state, I heard the following words:

“That what once was, will be again no more.”

Something has changed and changed for good.  Since my last post I have been feeling like I have been on an emotional rollercoaster.  I AM trying to stay in the ebb and flow of these intense energies, but I have to admit sometimes it just feels very overwhelming.  Perhaps it feels this way because I AM on this path of the unknown.  And I have my moments of doubt.  At this stage of the process I would think I would be pass that, but I continue to have to move into that place of surrender again and again.  This feeling of something on the horizon stays with me more often then not.  What that is I don’t know at this time.

Even with all of these changing emotions, I AM always in amazement of the magic that surrounds me when I AM in my heart center.  Signs and synchronicities that help me to keep putting one foot in front of the other and to move back to the present moment.  I continue to not be attached to a particular outcome, as I want to give God (the Universe) the space needed to create miracles in my life.  I continue my journey, trusting that all will be revealed in perfect Divine order.


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