The Veils


Last evening, as it was just starting to get dark outside, I had to go out and run an errand.  As I was getting in my car I turned around and looked back over the parking lot and everything looked as though there was a white film covering everything.  I blinked my eyes, thinking that’s odd.  I ran my errand and as I returned home to the road I turn into going into my development, I noticed a black car sitting on the side of the road, but once again as I looked out of the window, everything had this white film.  I turned to look at the car and driver as I drove by, but seemed like this it was not a totally clear view due to this film.  I realized when I finally parked that the person I passed was my Beloved.  Now let me say I can sense and feel him if he is around me, but yet I was not clear if that was him as I drove by.

I finally realized today that this was Spirits way of showing me the thinning veils that are happening at this time.  When I saw the picture above, it drove that point home.  I feel like this is why Spirit showed me using my Beloved, because for me to not “see” it was truly him speaks volumes.

So all this BEing said, the veils between the physical world and the spiritual realm are definitely thinning.  We are finding that we are able to connect more deeply with Spirit.  Though we have always had this ability, the denser energies of the old earth did not “allow” us to do so.  We “forgot” who we truly are.  As we awaken and clear away the dense energies of fear, shame, guilt, etc. we are able to “remember” and embody our true God-Self.  Things just keep getting more and more interesting and exciting!

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