A Woman Transformed

the transformation of Woman

In a  recent post I wrote about what felt like a turning point for me.  I feel as though I have experienced one of my biggest shifts to date.  At least that is my perception at this time.  An expansion of immense proportions.

As I AM always a work in progress, I AM now seeing the beauty and blessing that has been my life’s journey.  Pieces of the puzzle clicking into place.  Yet, even through all of this, there is an excitement building, an anticipation of things to come.  I continue my journey with the knowledge that I AM truly a woman transformed.

2 thoughts on “A Woman Transformed

  1. Hi Gia,

    Thank you for your comment. It’s a great question. If I had to try and put it into words it feels like a snake shedding its skin or a butterfly fully emerging from its cocoon. Like I went into this journey one way and have emerged on the other side, Me, but a grander version of Me. A knowing that I Am forever changed, like really knowing myself for the first time. I feel like an empty vessel, a vast openness ready to be filled with possibilities. A lightness of BEing.

    I have understood these concepts on a mental level, but it’s now like feeling this as a deep knowing within my soul.

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