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No More Drama

eyeore drama

This morning someone tried to pull me into a situation I chose not to be a part of.  It had drama written all over it.  I suppose because this person did not get the reaction they were hoping for from me, they chose their next “victim” to share their story with.  Bingo!  Preferred reaction.  One of anger and outrage.  Because I AM an empath, someone choosing to BE in a lower vibrational frequency of drama feels like a wet blanket hanging around me.  I choose not to have a lot of drama in my life and have minimal interactions with those who thrive in that environment.

I believe a person must take some responsibility for the situations they create and should ask themselves why they feel uncomfortable when peace tries to enter their domain.  It has been my observation when others crave a lot of drama, it is because as long as they can point their fingers and their attention can be focused on their external world, they do not have to deal with all the things that rise up within them when things get quiet.  I choose to just send love to this person and situation.

What energy you put out is what returns back to you.  Lets choose LOVE.

Embrace Love

Love Expression

Have you ever just felt a complete feeling of Love in your heart?  Love, just for the sake of experiencing the Divine flow?  That is what I AM experiencing at this moment.  As I sit here basking in this beautiful flow of Love, tears come to my eyes, a testament to the Love that is overflowing in my heart.  I feel laughter wanting to bubble up and out, a manifestation of the Joy that I AM.  Inadequate words for a feeling that speaks for itself.  LOVE, enough said.

Sound tones continued …..


I have had a moment of clarity.  The sound tones I mentioned in a previous post were in fact information delivered as light language.  And though my mind at the time did not fully understand was happening, the seed of the knowing on a cellular and molecular level was planted.  It was waiting for the moment in Divine timing when the knowing would be activated.  The time is now.  How did this knowing come about?  I was reading an article and as I read a particular sentence, there was one word in the sentence that once I read it, it was like a curtain parted and I just KNEW what the tones in my ear were.

All is in Divine order.

Sound tones


Well things certainly became more interesting last night.  When I went to bed and was getting settled I began to hear tones in my right ear.  I can only describe it similar to sounds the buttons on telephones make when you push them.  But it was like two back to back sounds then it stopped, after a little while two more sounds back to back.  I don’t know how long this went on but it is definitely a new type of download (communication).

So much information seems to be coming through right now.  I AM finding the need to BE in solitude and quiet more often then not.  I feel I have moved to the next level of initiation in my ascension journey.  The veils are definitely thinning as I AM seeing more visuals in my physical reality, not just in my minds eye.  I AM always open to receive all that is for my highest good.

A Message from the Pleiadians

Pleadian Council

The flood of Light continues.  Release all fear as that will only lower your vibration.  We, your Pleiadian brothers and sisters, are excited to be connecting with those open to these communications.  We see those who are stepping in to leadership roles, not as someone who is trying to control, but those who have chosen to show the way.  These energies are crucial to the evolution of Humanity.  Depending where each is in their journey, each experience will be different.  Each a unique creation expressed.  Can you not see the beauty in all of the creation?  What is it you wish to create my brothers and sisters?  Express your multi-dimensionality, anchoring all to create Heaven on Earth.

We look forward to continued communication.  We send Love and Peace, a connection through our heart portals.

Tsunami of Love

tsunami of love

The last three days I have been in a state of pure joy.  This feeling showed up on September 1st.  Also for the last three days Spirit has been showing me that once again we are in accelerated energies.  The picture that was shown to me in my minds eye was of an onslaught of water rushing through, a tsunami of Love.

Depending where one is on their journey, this could show up in a number of ways.  When one is surrounded by this intense Love energy, for those who are not yet fully open to BEing the Love that they are, it can cause an intense reaction of what appears to be the opposite of Love.

With many cosmic alignments occurring this month, each is bringing greater activations to the planet.  We must try to stay as centered as possible, to be an observer of anything resembling chaos and not to BEcome a part of it.  Go within, connect to your own inner guidance and know that all is well.