Surrendering on the Path of the Unknown

caterpillar quote

All I can say is wow!  Things have been intense!  I have been going through major energetic changes, ones that have felt like they were truly pushing me to my limit.  Last week I was experiencing such anger.  I noticed it seemed to BE centered in my heart chakra area.  The strange thing was it was not keeping me from laughing or interacting with others, but there it sat.  It lasted all week until it finally shifted on Saturday morning.  I remember waking up and immediately knowing something had shifted.  I got the confirmation from a friend I had spoke with on Saturday.  She said you have done a complete 180 degree turn since I spoke with you last night.  You are so happy now, as last night you were sounding so down.  This is why it is important to remain in the flow of surrender.  Things can shift quite swiftly from one moment to the next.  Any resistance hinders the integration of the “new” energies.

I also had the feeling of BEing disconnected from my guides, but I know that was not the case.  I have been feeling that whenever I AM going through a “leveling up” of my awareness and frequency, my guides appear to take a step back so I connect more deeply with my own inner knowing.  This happened this time around as well.  I have been receiving my signs that we are in serious accelerated energies.  With these energies some may be experiencing flu-like symptoms, headaches, sinus issues, body aches and pains and/or major mood swings.  We are BEing upgraded and with these upgrades our physical vessels may appear to respond in a negative way.  However this is manifesting, know that all is well.  By all means, please see a doctor if you need medical assistance.

I had been struggling with some things going on in my life, for lack of a better description.  Doubts coming to the surface to be made aware of and let go.  These doubts no longer serve who I AM.  This was confirmed this weekend when I awoke one morning hearing these words:

Do not underestimate the power of Divine Love

This helped me once again center myself in my heart, where all is calm, peaceful and joyful.  I have set some intentions of what I wish to manifest in my life moving forward, this feeling calls to my heart, so I know my Soul is once again in charge and not my mind.  I AM once again surrendering on this path of the unknown.

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