The Power Behind the Word

book of symbols

Last week I had a dream of a book with pages of writing on them.  When I looked directly at the pages the words were just regular writing.  But when I moved my head in the dream and looked at the pages from my peripheral vision, the words were not words, but symbols. This is the only symbol I was able to remember once I woke up:

fermate note half circle with dot

This image is only a partial part of the symbol I remember.  At this time my interpretation of this dream is when we speak words we are putting thought into form.  When I looked from my peripheral I AM seeing the words as symbols with my spiritual vision.  Words that have intention and sound frequency behind them are powerful.  We are literally speaking creation into form!  Wow! There are so many layers to what is happening with this ascension process.  These are intense times!


2 thoughts on “The Power Behind the Word

  1. Wow! That is the exact symbol I awoke with not long ago! Very interesting as is your interpretation of its meaning. Thank you for telling me about it.

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