Union image

Saturday morning as I was laying in bed I heard the word “convergence”.  Sometimes when I receive messages I may have an understanding of the meaning of a word but will feel guided by Spirit to look it up anyway.  As I did, nothing really resonated until I saw this meaning:

“The act of converging and especially toward Union or Uniformity”

I feel like union is happening on so many layers, union of Self, union of soul families, as well as global and cosmic union.  Though the things we see with our eyes may seem like total chaos, on an energetic level we are experiencing high intensity shifting.  Sometimes  I feel there is so much information coming through that at times it can feel overwhelming.  Between now and the new year I feel I AM BEing called to connect with my own energy, going very deeply within myself.  I no longer feel as though this connection is outside of myself, but the merging of Spirit and physical as One.

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