A Glimpse in Time

precognitive dreams

Last month (December 2015) I had two dreams that I want to make note of.  The first dream, I was in the bedroom in a house I use to live in years ago and right outside the bedroom window was a very large tornado.  I could see the grey spinning funnel, with debris inside very clearly.  I woke up with a jolt.

In the second dream I was talking to someone in a town, I don’t know what town it was but another person came up and said someone’s grandfather was missing.  I said I would help look for him.  I got on a bicycle and starting pedaling down the road.  I came to a hill in the road and went up the hill and as I came to the top and started to go down the other side I noticed that the road ended into a lot of water.  The whole road and surrounding area had flooded.

After I had the first dream in the middle of December a while later I was guided to turn on the news.  I don’t usually watch the news, it is just too much doom and gloom for me.  But I was guided to turn on the news and there was a news story about tornadoes in the Mississippi area.  They showed footage a storm chaser had captured of one of the tornadoes and it looked very similar to the one in my dream.

Very similar circumstances happened after I had the second dream about the flooding.  I was guided to turn on the news once again and there was footage being shown of the flooding that was occurring in the Midwest.

By guiding me to turn on the news on these two occasions, I know it was Spirits way of showing me validation of my two dreams.  I don’t recall having such specific circumstances brought to my attention before.  I will have to be even more aware of dreams/actual events happening so I can start documenting them.


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