Inter – weaving

butterfly interweaving

I have not heard anything from my guides for a while, but at the same time I feel that a process is happening.  It is like I AM feeling the interweaving  or inter-connectedness of different timelines.  It’s sort of hard to put into words.  It’s like I sense like a string that  is coming out from me and flowing out into a timeline.  But I only see/feel a portion of it, I cannot see the end of it, or I guess what would be called the outcome.  This seems to BE something new I AM experiencing.

As I mentioned, I have not heard anything from my guides and I can’t remember most of my dreams.  But I AM seeing physical signs that a things are indeed happening.   For whatever reason my guides have been mostly silent (that I AM aware of) but I feel there is a purpose for this.   It’s a feeling of once again my inner knowing is increasing. Perhaps it has something to do with BEing between the new moon in the early part of January and the full moon that will be happening on January 23.

I guess that is why I have written anything in a while, it feels like I AM in the void again.  The place of infinite possibilities but also the space of integration of the Light BEing received.  I feel excitement building for changes that are occurring!



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