Deeper Embodiment of Christ/Cosmic Consciousness

step into your power

I AM moving deeper into remembrance of Who I AM.  I am feeling a steady calmness .   I had a few experiences yesterday that in the past would have made me so angry, but yesterday I perceived these experiences as more of an annoyance then having them make me angry.  There is this knowing that I AM touching the deeper core of me.  The embodiment of (descent) is just as important as the ascent.  The union of spirit and human.

I woke up this morning feeling a vortex of energy at the base of my skull.  When I share Reiki healing with others I perceive the waves of energy internally where I AM focused on a particular area of their body.  I feel the energy either move in waves or circular motion as well as feel when the energy comes up against a blockage.  So I find it very interesting to experience this energy vortex at the base of my skull.  Last week I woke up hearing the words inter-dimensional travel.  Later in the day I heard the words awaken to the many galaxies that exist for your exploration.  I feel this energy vortex may be in correlation to this message.  An opening to further cosmic consciousness. I AM in the NOW moment.



6 thoughts on “Deeper Embodiment of Christ/Cosmic Consciousness

  1. YES YES YES!! Yah! ❤
    "The embodiment of (descent) is just as important as the ascent." So wise. This part has been a surprise for me and trying to get my words right. Thank you my teacher.

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