hazmat suit

I had a few dreams last night.  I remember having a dream and my Mom (who is deceased) and two other family members (who are still living) were having a conversation.  I don’t at this time remember what we were discussing.  Last week I had a dream with these same three family members.  My Mom is definitely visiting me more (or perhaps I AM more consciously aware of these visits).

In the next dream I was driving home on this road that I do travel five days a week to get to and from work, so I AM very familiar with this road.  As I got to a section in the road three men in hazmat suits were standing in the road that leads into a development of houses (I have driven through this development on more then one occasion).  I stopped and asked one of the men what was going on and he told me in no uncertain terms to move along.  I remember seeing what appeared to be a large cloud hovering over the houses.  I drove away feeling that they were experimenting on this area.

Then I was talking to a little girl who was telling me about how her family had mistreated her in a past life.  I don’t remember all the details now.  But the next thing I remember is holding a newspaper with a picture on the front page of the same little girl and another little girl standing next to her and several other people.  There was a large headline that said SURVIVORS.  I AM not sure how all this may tie in at the moment.  I do remember feeling that these dreams did not necessarily feel like they happened one after the other, but more of a feeling of them happening simultaneously.

** As a side note to my previous post called Deeper Embodiment in to Christ/Cosmic Consciousness , I just went on dictionary.com to check the correct spelling of a word.  I felt strongly guided to click on the word of the day and this is what popped up.   I just love synchronicity.



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