An Ethereal Visitor

ethereal dress

Sunday night I had dream (but it felt as though I was more in the in-between state) where a beautiful woman came walking down a staircase wearing a dress very similar to the picture of this post.  She said her name was Dazz.  She started to speak to me regarding information about hierarchy, but not in the way we understand the meaning of the word hierarchy.  That there is natural order in Creation.  She also begin to speak about the mis-use of power.   I tried very hard to remember the actual words she spoke to me when I woke up to try and write them down, but I was only left with the general knowledge of speaking about these subjects.

I pulled a few tarot cards a couple of times in the last week and two cards I pulled on each occasion was the same.  One card was I must do things in my own rhythm.  That basically I will know how things move along for me and not how others feel they should Be.  The second card was that I not Be overly concerned about how others perceive me as it may BE over shadowed by their own beliefs, so that they may not BE seeing the true me. I have been experiencing this in my physical world.

Things are just feeling very expansive to me right now.  I don’t even know how to really describe the way I AM feeling at this time.  I AM sure things will BEcome clearer in time.



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