Through the Eyes of Spirit

through the eyes of spirit

I AM BEing nudged to expand my vision (perception) of what is occurring around me.  To view these occurrences through the eyes of Spirit.  I AM given glimpses of the deeper meaning.  With this deeper understanding Spirit says all is not as it seems.  I AM bearing witness to the fear based beliefs that are playing out for others.  There is so much anger, sadness and confusion.  The masks are slipping.  Others are not able to cover their internal fears as easily anymore.  Which in turn only increases the fear vibration as they worry how much of themselves is BEing witnessed.  People are lashing out, or seeming to fall into depression, or their demeanor feels as though they feel very lost and alone.   I have to admit my nervous system has been on overload the last few days as my energetic sensitivities are on high alert.

I know this is serving a purpose, keeping me aware so that I may move into compassion and not take things personally.  Is this an easy task?  Not always.  But as I AM able to observe through the eyes of Spirit, my heart does open up with compassion.  But with this information comes the need for more time alone to sit with my own energy.  But my purpose here is to BE of service, in whatever way that may show up in my world.

2 thoughts on “Through the Eyes of Spirit

  1. Thank you for sharing this post. I can relate very much to what you are saying here. I have been experiencing a big energetic shake up in recent months on many levels. A couple of major eclipses and some quite extraordinary conjunctions have been influencing this according to my astrology friends. As a writer and philosopher, I have been getting rattled very fiercely by mercurial energies. But I can see now that this painful glut of emotional purging is a shedding of baggage, which is making my intellectual paradigm more expansive and unified, and in the process bringing me much more peace and creativity.

  2. I am so glad it resonates with you. These times have been quite intense but if it serves a larger purpose I plan to hang in there. Thank you for your comment.

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