Mystic Musings

mystic musings

This past week has been quite the roller coaster ride.  I was dealing with a health issues on Monday of last week, but on Tuesday was told by Spirit I was experiencing a reset.  I feel okay for the most part now.  People around me are experiencing different forms of illness, but most are not ready to hear about the energetic reasons for what they are experiencing.  So I just continue to observe and make note of the explanations Spirit shares with me.  Maybe I AM not suppose to share at this time, merely observe the internal shifts that others are experiencing.

The emotions I experienced this past weekend were also amazing.  The love that was radiating from my heart on Friday and Saturday felt so beautiful.  Last night before bed I felt a wave of such sadness in my heart, it felt very much like one would experience through grief.  All I could do was release this energy through tears, and breathe through the sensation until it was gone.  But I realize even with this feeling of sadness, it bought home to me the beauty of allowing our emotions to flow as needed.  Not to judge, or even necessarily try to give it a reason why it is happening, merely allow the feeling to flow and release.

So much seems to BE happening and information coming through, some of which I don’t fully understand at this time.  All I can do is make a note of it and know that the understanding will come in Divine timing. In the meantime, I trust that I AM guided  and loved.


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