I Choose Me

I Choose Me

I choose me.  This realization speaks for itself. There have been several circumstances recently where I have felt someone appeared to BE putting me in a circumstance that felt like it would not BE in my best interest.  Nothing physically dangerous, but perhaps dangerous to my emotional well BEing.  So in each instance I said no thank you.  I have to admit that each time I continue to do that I feel so empowered.  My confidence flows because I realize that my own well BEing is just as important (if not more so, it is my well BEing after all) as the other person.  I BElieve people can come to a mutual compromise, but should that compromise have to have one or the other person feeling like they have lost in some way?  I don’t BElieve that has to BE the case.

But the thing is, each time I have said no to a particular thing that is BEing asked of me, the person goes back, re-thinks and comes back with a different idea.  One that does work for me (all of the parties involved really).  The compromise does not seem like it is geared to just the needs of the other party or parties involved. Which then makes me question the intent behind the original scenario given.

I AM standing strong in my own power, recognizing the power of my choices. I Choose Me.  A simple statement with a powerful intent.

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