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The Big Rush


Today the energy feels as though it is rushing towards me.  I cannot at this time tell what this will bring in, but this picture captures perfectly how it feels to me.  The odd thing is in the physical world everything else seems very still around me at the same time.  Action and stillness.  Only “time” will tell.

A Blue Jay visit

blue jay.jpg

I was out taking a walk today and as I was walking pass a tree, all of a sudden this blue jay takes off in flight, looking as though it is flying directly at me.  I thought for sure it was going to try to land on my shoulder.  As it startled me, I ducked slightly.  The blue jay changed direction and landed on a low branch of the tree.  I could see it so clearly, it seemed as if I could reach out and touch it.  I felt guided to look up the symbolism of the blue jay and the following information struck a chord;

The word “jay” comes from the Latin, gaia or gaea, which has associations to Mother Earth. In Greek mythology, the union of Mother Earth and Father Heaven, which resulted in the first creatures that had the appearance of life. This reflects much about the intrinsic power associated with the jay. It has the ability to link the heavens and earth, to access each for greater power. The black and white markings found on its blue wings also reflect this same ability. The sky (blue) separates the heavens (white) and the earth (black).

This is a totem that can move between both and tap the primal energies at either level. The jay is aware of this innate ability and this is reflected in its blue crest—higher knowledge that can be used. 

The blue crest of the jay should be a reminder that to wear the crown of true mastership requires dedication, responsibility, and committed development in all things in the physical and spiritual. The jay is a reminder to follow through on all things to not start something and leave it dangling.

The blue jay reflects that a greater time of resourcefulness and adaptability is about to unfold. You are going to have ample opportunities to develop and use your abilities. The jay does not usually migrate, staying around all winter, so look for there to be ample time to develop and use your energies to access new levels. It will stay around and work with you as long as you need it.

The blue jay is actually a member of the crow family, and most crows have no fear. Crows and jays alike will gang up to harass and drive off owls and hawks. The jay is fearless and it is because of this, that it can help you connect with the deepest mysteries of the earth and the greatest of the heavens.

This information resonates and reflects what is happening in my life at this time.  It seems connected in a sense with my unification of the soul post.  I love the signs from nature.



A Morning Conversation

a morning conversation

Saturday morning I awoke (the in-between state) to a conversation taking place between me and one of my guides.  What I became aware of BEing said is the following;

You do not need to mentally understand the information you receive.  The fact is, you probably won’t.  The heart knows and understands.  All information you are given may not happen in a linear fashion, but will happen as it is meant to.

Then I fully awoke and cannot remember what else was talked about.  Though I know on a deeper level I retain the information given, sometimes it would be nice to stay aware of all that is talked about.  But hence, the point of what my guide said to me.  Yes I understand, but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating.

I AM also BEing given messages through tarot cards to trust in my knowing and to BE patient.  Ok, ok, I get it.  Sometimes I guess I need to BE hit over the head with the same message.  You would think after all this time I would have patience mastered.  Apparently not.

The Unification of the Soul


I AM Whole.  I move forward in my wholeness, no longer a fragmented soul.  Knowing there is no need to search outside of myself for someone to make me feel whole.

I had a dream on Easter morning of my female and male essence standing side by side and then merging into One.  One BEing. Wholeness.  Unified within. The BEloved emerges.

The Fire of Purification


The fire burns within.  The eternal flame.  The ignition of purification.  The release of all that once was carried as truth.  But the inner whispers telling me this reality is not my truth, for my truth leads to empowerment, expansion and true love, my inner flame. I have risen from the ashes, my heart pure, serving the Divine.

Magic and Momentum

momentum magic

Yesterday was an odd day for lack of a better word.  As I was leaving the house to go to work I heard a cat meow.  I turned around and there was a black cat a few feet away just sitting there staring at me.  She meowed again.  I had the feeling she was communicating with me.  She started walking toward me.  I told her unfortunately I did not have time at that moment to stay and talk to her, so I got in the car and left.  Later on in the afternoon my son sent me a text saying there was a black cat sitting on our air conditioner (the part that was outside our house).  He said in the text when he went to go in the house, the cat tried to go in with him.  I looked up the symbolism of a black cat and found this sentence that resonated deeply with me:

Black cats are a symbol of the soul’s mysterious coming to earthly life. Their impenetrable color represents the enigma of the spirit’s return voyage to the physical world. The cat in itself is a powerful symbol of wholeness and unity, a joining of the spiritual with the tangible. Color it black and you get a lot more compelling symbolism.

This speaks very deeply to what I feel is happening at this time for me.

Once I arrived at work, for most of the morning I was feeling quite detached from things.  It was what I guess could BE described as feeling neutral.  By afternoon that feeling was gone, to BE replaced by a feeling of wanting to move forward but not quite knowing what action to take.

In the middle of the night I woke up needing to write down some notes pertaining to some steps to take, the energy behind it feeling very much like forward momentum.  The picture in my mind was of wind blowing open a doorway.


Today there is a feeling of excitement, such a difference from yesterday.  Something has definitely shifted.