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An Enigma Wrapped in a Puzzle

enigma in a puzzle

Last week I was having a conversation in the dream state with one of my guides.  Unfortunately the only part I can remember BEing said is “an enigma wrapped in a puzzle.”  I have not received any further information regarding this conversation at this time.  Just for more clarity I looked up the definition of the word enigma.

a person, thing, or situation that is mysterious, puzzling, or ambiguous

When doing a puzzle we have to figure out what pieces to place where to pull the whole puzzle together in a cohesive manner.  Does this mean that even once we think we have the puzzle figured out, we then are still faced with an enigma (mystery)?  Even when we think we know, we must continue to question?  Digging deeper and deeper?  Each of us bringing our own piece of the puzzle to the table, one then making up the Whole?

I imagine I could spin my wheels all day.  But sometimes a mystery just has to BE a mystery.




Make Time for Play


Sometimes you just have to laugh at how Spirit gets your attention!  I went out to the parking lot to move my car closer to the door for when I leave work tonight and as I was about to get into my car about six or seven squirrels ran down the tree diagonal from my car and appeared to be running toward me.  I quickly got in the car and closed the door.    I started laughing when I realized they were at play!  They looked like a group of children BEing let out for recess!  Okay Spirit, message received.  I have been far too serious lately (and that is so not like me).  Time to have some fun!

All Must Be Released

All must be released

This past week has been a blur.  The exhaustion I have experienced the past week has been such that I remember some of the interactions I have had in the physical with others and some I do not.  It was if I was there, but not there.  A participant and observer at the same time.  I would describe the feelings at time as BEing very floaty (if that even makes sense).  I have had to take naps in the evenings before bedtime, and then go off to bed later in the evening and sleep as though I did not have a nap a few hours before.  I know there has been several major accelerations energetically this past week , there were times that I felt I could hardly keep up.

Last Wednesday as I was driving into my development, there sitting on the brick wall of the enclosure where the recycle bins are located was a huge turkey buzzard!  I literally slammed on my brakes, backed up and parked and sat in my car so I could have a closer look.  It seemed as though we made eye contact and once we did he took flight!  In all of the years I have lived in my development I have never seen a turkey buzzard  visit that area!  Saturday night as I was on my way home well after 10:00 p.m. on a road that is not well traveled at night, as I turned a bend in the road, there in the middle of the road was a fox!  He had no inclination to move, so I drove around him.  Between the turkey buzzard and the fox (death and rebirth, adaptability) Spirit is leaving all kinds of clues.

I have been dealing with some fears that were BEing brought to the surface last week.  For several days I was feeling major anxiety.  As I contemplated all of this on a mental level, these feelings were front and center.  All I could do was allow myself to feel what was coming up to BE felt and released.  On Saturday, once I made the decision that whatever was going to happen with what I was dealing with, I would still BE safe and okay.  As soon as I surrendered to what I was experiencing, a calmness settled over me.

I was able to have some quiet time to myself before I had dinner with my son on Mother’s Day and as I was laying still I heard the words “all must BE released”.   This seemed to put everything I had been experiencing into perspective.

I remain in flow.


To Sync or Not to Sync

sync or not to sync

Saturday morning I awoke to hearing the following:

“When you hold on instead of letting go and surrendering, you only continue to hold the old timeline in place.”

This made me think about the dinner I had with my very good friend a week ago.  From the moment we were seated, there was interruption after interruption.  A phone call from work he had to take, the waiter seemed like he kept coming to the table every five minutes, and when we were having a conversation it just felt like words, like there was no connection.  At the time I remember thinking we are out of sync.  I have known this friend for twenty years and I can say I have never felt that way in his presence.  It felt like something had been unplugged.  That’s why when I received this message it made me think of it.  Did the reason we felt out of sync to me is because something was energetically unplugged?  And maybe it doesn’t have to do specifically with him, but Spirit knowing that because I do know him so well that I would notice the difference?

With things shifting at an accelerated rate, perhaps Spirit is giving me this experience as a point of reference?  I AM going to continue to BE in the flow and trust that any further information will come in divine timing.