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A Melody From My Soul


The last couple of weeks I have BEcome aware of the fact that each time I AM in a space of joy and happiness, regardless of what I may BE doing, I have noticed that I will hum a particular melody.  When I BEcome aware that I AM humming it, it stops.  If I mentally try to recapture the melody, I cannot remember it.

This happened again a couple of nights ago.  I joined a group of like-minds in a sacred circle, all of us just sharing and vibing together for a couple of hours.  When I left for the night, as I was driving down the highway heading home, basking in the glow of this incredible uplifting feeling, I BEcame aware that I was once again humming this melody.  Once again, once I focused completely on it, it stopped.  And once again, I could not re-create it once it stopped.

I BElieve when I AM connecting with my joy and bliss, my soul essence brings forth a melody.  My soul melody.  My heart is just overflowing with LOVE.

The Serpent Awakens

serpent fire

Sometimes it feels as though things are coming through so fast and furious that at times all I can do is sit with the information and see if it is something I AM guided to share.  I recently had a vision of a man driving in his car, his head and face appeared normal but his body appeared like it would if you were viewing an x-ray.  While driving, all of a sudden I see a snake begin to unwind and begin to climb internally up through his body until the head of the snake made its way to his mouth.  All of a sudden his mouth and the head of the snake appeared to merge.  Then the vision ended.

Though the man did not look familiar to me from this lifetime, I feel I AM BEing shown what is happening to many at this time.  The serpent fire, purification of all that is no longer serving who we truly are.  We are walking this path of SELF Mastery, BEcoming in tune to our true essence.  We are truly magnificent!  Release all doubt regarding this truth.

That’s 626


Recently I had a vision where there was a man behind a counter and as I was walking up to the counter he called out “that’s 626”.  And just as quickly the vision was gone.  I have been dealing with some changes happening in my life, and have been trying to keep in a neutral state and BE in the flow, so I wanted to look up the number 626.  The below meaning resonated with me.

Angel Number 626 is a message to trust that current circumstances will work out for your highest good. The determination and diligence you have devoted to living a consciously balanced and centered life has manifested a continued supply of positive abundance into your life, ensuring that you are sustained, maintained and provided for in your daily life. Hold positive thoughts and expect positive outcomes and give any fears about your monetary needs to theangels as all that you require will be provided as you serve your soul purpose.

Wow, it couldn’t BE any more clear then that for me right now.  We are BEing constantly guided, even when it may feel like we are doing this alone, know deep in your heart that we are not.  Things will and are unfolding in Divine timing, and I AM always amazed at the beauty of it all.


Cellular and Molecular Changes


This weekend I was shown a vision of cells merging and separating continuously.  The above image looks very close to the colors I received.  We are experiencing deep cellular and molecular change, even if at times we may not be consciously aware of the inner changes that are happening.

Humanity is evolving.  Though there may be some resistance to these changes, know that they are for the greater good.  Get as much rest and quiet time as needed, whatever needs to be done to stay centered in your heart.  Do not fear, for we are BEing called back to our true nature.  Know that all is ultimately LOVE.

A Little Furry Friend


This morning as I was taking the trash out to the trash receptacle, I saw something run out from underneath it.  What was that!  As I walked past the wall of the enclosure, there on the curb sat a little chipmunk!  I started walking toward him thinking he would surely run away, but no, he still sat there.  Ok, what message do you have for me today?  I looked up the symbolism of the chipmunk and here is a portion of what I read:

Presley Love shares the symbolic meaning of Chipmunk: “Chipmunk spirit animal is a symbol that something good is on it’s way to you, something wonderful that delights your heart something that makes you smile and laugh”.

Chipmunk totem energy is also a sign that you will have an important conversation with someone close to you very soon, pay attention to the details! Chipmunk always pops up out of nowhere, and just as quickly it vanishes into another world, the world of the Chipmunk… it has hidden pathways and secret tunnels hidden in plain sight all around you. Chipmunk power animal loves the enjoyment of a good adventure and exploration, he is always exploring and noticing any new changes in his environment… a new fallen leaf, a new pebble, or a new visitor. Chipmunk will chatter to whomever is nearby telling them everything about the new discovery.

Well I could sure use some of that!  It always amazes me when Spirit sends the right message at the right time (you would think I would be use to that by now lol).  Well bring on the delight!


Time Line Shift


I just had an unusual thing happen at work.  About a half hour or so ago, someone in my office noticed the time on their telephone display said 11:58PM.  So I looked at mine, same thing.  That made me look at all the phones in my office location (there are nine people in this office location).  All of the phones said the same thing.  So according to that the phones had all changed to reflect it was night time. We called to talk to someone at our other office location across the street to see if their telephones were saying the same thing.  No, the time was correct there.  I put through a request to have the time corrected.

A half hour later I just happened to glance at my telephone and the time had corrected itself.  It was back to the correct current time.  The odd thing is no one from the office that takes care of these things had done anything to rectify the situation.  I received a call saying someone would be assigned to take care of it.  Thanks, but it already corrected itself.

The funny thing is, I could see if it was one or two telephones.  Yet, it was every telephone in this location, nine telephones.   Was there some sort of time line shift?  I laugh to myself because some of the things that happen on this journey are truly out of this world.

Multidimensional Travel?

interdimensional travel

Yesterday as I left the parking lot from work, I turned onto the road to head home.  Emotions were running high because yesterday was the last day of two co-workers that I have worked closely with for many years.  I remember pulling out a tissue to wipe my eyes, but the next thing I remember is being at the traffic light at the last part of the journey home.  Usually this drive takes anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes, depending on traffic.  What happened to the time in between?  I honestly do not have any recollection of the drive between those two points.  And it seemed to happen in the blink of an eye.  Part of my consciousness traveling?  Could this have happened due to me being in an emotional state?

I just wanted to document this experience in case it is needed for future reference.