A Message from Spirit


Yesterday as I was sitting quietly I asked Spirit if there was anything they would like to share.  I heard the words “Yes”.  And then I heard the word “filibuster”.  Now I am familiar with that word in relation to politics.  But that did not feel right.  So I asked Spirit in what context were they using the word.  I heard the following message.


To impede the progress of a certain agenda being perpetrated by the Cabal.

As Lightworkers, it is more important then ever to shine your Light.  To Be pillars and beacons of Light to those who are seeking their own destiny.  Do not think that as Lightworkers the art of “doing” has to always involve actual physical activity.   Every structure needs a strong foundation, if not, then the structure as a whole is not sturdy or steady.  This is what is Being done.  A strong foundation is Being laid/built.

I have not shared a post in a while.  Much is coming through and I AM processing.  But I thought I would share this message.


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