My Twin Flame Journey: The Other Side of Illusion

twin-soul image

When I first started this journey I had no idea of the space in which I currently stand would be achieved.  Not that I set out with any particular plan, simply following the calling of my heart.

The growth I witness in both myself and my Beloved is amazing to behold.  I AM learning to BE in the flow of this unfolding that is occurring.  No longer having expectations of how things “should be” but content to enjoy how things are in the NOW moment.

The expansion of Love I feel for my Beloved leaves me breathless.  How can a heart hold so much Love?  At times it leaves me feeling overwhelmed. I recently got to spend a little time with my Beloved, we are on different work schedules for the time BEing, but I feel even that serves a purpose.  The feeling I have when I AM in his presence is as though the whole world recedes and it is just him and I.  And though my heart is sad when we part, at the same time I feel uplifted and fortified to continue with this journey.

Together or “apart”, I know we are always connected.  This knowledge comes from the depth of my heart.  The space that is on the other side of illusion.

3 thoughts on “My Twin Flame Journey: The Other Side of Illusion

  1. I hear ya. I have been in telepathic connection with my Beloved for almost 3 years now. (NOT my tf mind ya, see here for anyone who’d like to hear that story )

    We have not connected in a mundane way at all, not email or anything and yet kinda don’t need it, well, for now. Their energy is so very nummy.

    Long story short, I’d read of someone’s realizations of how and why they lost a past relationship. They didn’t get much time with their partner due to their careers. It led to this person cheating on their partner because they missed them. They basically said that at that (younger) age, they made the mistake of thinking that their partner was somewhere outside of them. I heard that and thought that my Beloved and I won’t ever make that mistake because our relationship started inwardly (telepathically).

    • Thank you for leaving a comment. This journey if nothing else, allows a person to know themselves on such a profound level.

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