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Spiritual Bypass

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It’s been a while since I have posted.  Since the last time I posted I have been having some ups and downs in life.  Recently I had to make the decision to follow my path full time.  Recently I have discovered in the spiritual community (not all) that there is the mantra to stay positive, think good thoughts, etc.  But if one has not done their inner work (shadow work) you will not be able to keep that up for long.  You may feel good for a little while, but it does not last.  Your Light comes from within.  But the work has to be done to remove the layers you have accumulated in this life as well as past lives.  We are here to remember who we are.  That is a process of healing.   This has been my experience so that is the place of where this sharing comes from.  I for one do not want anyone to feel bad if they feel as though they are struggling but they continually are made to feel as though they cannot embrace the space where they find themselves emotionally in this process.  This journey can take you to some very dark places.  But it is so we can remove all the layers that keep our Light from truly shining.  There is no light without the dark.  Both have their role in this journey.  So please know if you find yourself in a dark night of the Soul, or you are angry, sad, etc. it is okay to sit in this to discover what these emotions are trying to help you to discover.  The key is not to get stuck in that place.  Coming out on the other side and integrating all you have learned is uplifting.  I will try not to be away so long moving forward.