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Reclaiming Your Authentic Power

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I almost did it.  I almost allowed myself to be pulled into another person’s drama.  Phew, close call.  I was allowing myself to be pulled off-center and reacting to a situation, instead of staying centered in my BEing and responding.  There I was, about to hand my personal power over to someone else.  These things happen, after all we are living a human experience.  I AM glad I recognized it before I was pulled into drama that did not even belong to me.

We may not have any control over the scenarios that are BEing played out around us, but we do have control over how we respond to those scenarios.  That is standing in our authentic power.  I know the choice I made to disengage was the right one for me because today I feel light and happy as opposed to feeling off-kilter, frustrated and angry like I was yesterday.  I haven’t experienced that feeling in a long time, but like the layers of an onion, sometimes a situation will appear that seems similar to an experience you have already had.  You then have the question haven’t I already dealt with this?  Perhaps.  But this new situation is giving you the opportunity to see just how well you are embodying all that you are learning and healing within yourself.  A deeper layer of understanding.  I AM grateful for the opportunity for this deeper integration.

As I step more and more fully into my authentic power, the need to please others and seeking the approval of others is no longer there.  We are all sovereign BEings, powerful in our own right.  Remember that.