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Moving More in to the Authentic Self


I had an experience yesterday that had me contemplating about the fear experienced when given the opportunity to express our authentic Self.  Why standing in our truth brings up so much fear of how we will BE received by others?  The more we can accept ourselves as the Divine BEings we are and step more and more into our authentic Self, the more freedom we experience.  Why?  Because we awaken to the truth that we are enough just as we are.  We are people pleasers and over givers because we are seeking Love and acceptance outside of ourselves.  When we go within and get in touch with our inner BEing, we discover we are Love, so we do not have to search for it, we are IT, and our reality will reflect that – as within, so without.

When I was speaking with someone yesterday and they were sharing a situation that had happened with them, they said they did not know how to handle the situation.  When I suggested they just express their truth, say what it is that they are really feeling, they seemed appalled.  When someone else suggested a different choice of not BEing completely honest, they grasped at it like it was a life line and seemed relieved.  I don’t stand in judgement, I AM simply an observer of the human dynamic.  When we are able to stand in our own truth we hold the space for others to stand in theirs and begin to heal.  This is not something that happens overnight, it is a gradual process.  Lets BE gentle with ourselves and others as we move through this process.  We are ever evolving and embracing the true light of our Soul.