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An Ethereal Visitor

ethereal dress

Sunday night I had dream (but it felt as though I was more in the in-between state) where a beautiful woman came walking down a staircase wearing a dress very similar to the picture of this post.  She said her name was Dazz.  She started to speak to me regarding information about hierarchy, but not in the way we understand the meaning of the word hierarchy.  That there is natural order in Creation.  She also begin to speak about the mis-use of power.   I tried very hard to remember the actual words she spoke to me when I woke up to try and write them down, but I was only left with the general knowledge of speaking about these subjects.

I pulled a few tarot cards a couple of times in the last week and two cards I pulled on each occasion was the same.  One card was I must do things in my own rhythm.  That basically I will know how things move along for me and not how others feel they should Be.  The second card was that I not Be overly concerned about how others perceive me as it may BE over shadowed by their own beliefs, so that they may not BE seeing the true me. I have been experiencing this in my physical world.

Things are just feeling very expansive to me right now.  I don’t even know how to really describe the way I AM feeling at this time.  I AM sure things will BEcome clearer in time.



Rainbows and Moths and Nines, Oh My

clouds and rainbows.jpg

Yesterday was quite an interesting day for me.  In the afternoon as i was sitting at my desk at work, I looked out the big picture window in front of my desk and there was a rainbow coming through the opening in the clouds.  The rest of the sky was relatively cloud covered, so this stood out to me.  Oh rainbow light!  The energies of Unity!


Then last night while I was home relaxing on my couch a moth came out of no where and flew right to me and landed on my chest!  We are all God’s creations but I prefer not to have my signs that up close and personal!  I jumped up startled and it flew off but turned around again and landed on my head!  Hey, what gives!  My light apparently is shining bright if a moth is drawn to it (lol).  So much meaning coming through.


On Sunday, yesterday and today the numbers 9, 99, or 999 have been around me.  I have been experiencing the feeling of something completing but at the same time the feeling of new beginnings – death and rebirth, the cyclical spiral of creation.

I have to admit there are times when I do grow weary on this journey.  But after days like this and some extra needed rest, my excitement for all that is transpiring pours from my heart once again!

Embrace Love

Love Expression

Have you ever just felt a complete feeling of Love in your heart?  Love, just for the sake of experiencing the Divine flow?  That is what I AM experiencing at this moment.  As I sit here basking in this beautiful flow of Love, tears come to my eyes, a testament to the Love that is overflowing in my heart.  I feel laughter wanting to bubble up and out, a manifestation of the Joy that I AM.  Inadequate words for a feeling that speaks for itself.  LOVE, enough said.

A Woman Transformed

the transformation of Woman

In a  recent post I wrote about what felt like a turning point for me.  I feel as though I have experienced one of my biggest shifts to date.  At least that is my perception at this time.  An expansion of immense proportions.

As I AM always a work in progress, I AM now seeing the beauty and blessing that has been my life’s journey.  Pieces of the puzzle clicking into place.  Yet, even through all of this, there is an excitement building, an anticipation of things to come.  I continue my journey with the knowledge that I AM truly a woman transformed.

Lets recognize the beauty within

We are co-creators of our own reality. The question is whether we are creating our life consciously or unconsciously. Do we go deep within our heart to gain true clarity about what we wish to create? Or do we just plow through life, feeling that life is happening to us? Or do we do our inner work and begin to claim our own power? In order to discover our beauty within, we have to stop worrying about what is going on externally and bring our focus internally. What does that mean? Stillness. In order for us to get to know our own beauty, we have to sit with ourself. At first the stirrings may be faint, but believe me they are there and they want to be heard.

It is easy to point fingers and blame others for what is taking place in our life, but I for one no longer wish to hand my power over to others. I AM choosing to recognize the beauty within my own soul, the power of my own dreams. I AM choosing to live my life for me and not the life that others see me living. Most people would call that selfish, but it is not selfish, it is self love. How can you give to others what you are not feeling inside? After all, we are spiritual beings having a human experience and I personally don’t want someone else directing my experience. Do you?