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The Winds of Change – UPDATE

image of winds of change

This is an update for yesterday’s sharing.  I was reading a post from Lisa Gawlas, she is amazing at seeing and interpreting the times we are in.  I have included the link below of the post.


I love how Spirit will follow up and give validation to information if and when needed.  The white color of my vision is symbolizing the purity of the energy that is BEing received from the solar winds.  See the spaceweater.com link from my post from yesterday.  I AM still not 100% sure how the vision of the pyramid is fitting in.  Perhaps they are anchor points and the energy is creating portals with the help of the pyramids.  Hopefully I will receive more information about that. This energy is not only hitting the Earth’s magnetic field, we are also feeling the effects in our own magnetic fields.  We are to use this energy BEing received to co-create with the Universe.  We are powerful BEings of change and we are creating the New Earth.

The unknown is not something to BE feared, but to BE embraced.  We only fear the unknown because we  have been programmed to believe we need to know exactly what will happen.  This is our way of feeling in control.  We feel that if we can control a situation, we will BE safe.  Trust that all is well.

A Catalyst of Change

A Catalyst for Change

This past weekend was a time of great emotion as well as clarity.  Each day I step further into who I AM.  My confidence continues to grow and with that, the knowledge that I can no longer play small so that others may sit in their comfort zones.  As long as I play small, I allow others to keep me in a box.  I AM a limitless BEing, and I AM not doing anyone any true good by not embracing this truth.  I must BE ME, for in BEing me, I AM opening a space for others to BE who they are as well.

That BEing said, the realization is also once again BEing brought to my awareness that I cannot sit and wait while others make their decision to step into their own power.  I can only plant the seed, BE the catalyst of change.  What others choose to do with that is in fact their choice.  I cannot put the brakes on my own continued growth, for in my heart I know this is not God’s plan for me.

As I reflect on my life, I look back and see all the challenges I have faced.  But through it all I have always had my Faith in God’s will for me.  Even when it felt as though I could not always feel that connection, I would feel if I continued to put one foot in front of the other, a way would open up, a solution if you will.

As I stand in this phase of my journey, this feeling rises up in me.  I can no longer dim my light, even if /when that means that others may have to leave my life.  I continue to stay open and receptive to all possibilities to fully experience this calling that God has placed in  my heart.

A Turning Point


I received a menu in the mail last week for a restaurant called Turning Point.  Since then I have been seeing that phrase numerous times while reading different articles.  This is validation from Spirit regarding my previous blog post regarding a change occurring.  I Love the creativity of Spirit!  They will practically knock you over the head with what they want you to understand!  I do not know how this turning point will BE experienced, whether it is an internal turning point or an external change, but I AM open to how this calling on my heart manifests next.  So indeed it appears I have reached a turning point.

A Change Has Occurred

time for a change

This morning when I started to awaken and was in the in-between state, I heard the following words:

“That what once was, will be again no more.”

Something has changed and changed for good.  Since my last post I have been feeling like I have been on an emotional rollercoaster.  I AM trying to stay in the ebb and flow of these intense energies, but I have to admit sometimes it just feels very overwhelming.  Perhaps it feels this way because I AM on this path of the unknown.  And I have my moments of doubt.  At this stage of the process I would think I would be pass that, but I continue to have to move into that place of surrender again and again.  This feeling of something on the horizon stays with me more often then not.  What that is I don’t know at this time.

Even with all of these changing emotions, I AM always in amazement of the magic that surrounds me when I AM in my heart center.  Signs and synchronicities that help me to keep putting one foot in front of the other and to move back to the present moment.  I continue to not be attached to a particular outcome, as I want to give God (the Universe) the space needed to create miracles in my life.  I continue my journey, trusting that all will be revealed in perfect Divine order.

A time of change

A time of change

As can happen from time to time, when Spirit wants to convey a message through me I do not always have to ask a specific question.  Sometimes, as with the message below, Spirit has something to say and the message will just start to come through.  And as I AM only the vessel, I align myself with God’s will to bring through these messages.  This is what Spirit wanted to convey:

We are in a time of great change.  What is being reflected is the breakdown of all that is of the “old”.  Relationships will require our authentic self to “show up”.  The question must be asked “what is it I wish to create”? 

The Photon Belt is in the midst of great change.  Do not despair if you do not see major physical change all at once.  Things are being shifted and moved on an energetic level, so all may be manifested for its highest good.  Each human will perceive the changes taking place from their own awareness.  The perception of one is not the same as the perception of another.  And why would it be beloveds, if you are each creating your own reality?  We go, but we leave this message with you.

What more can be said?  Truly Divine.





The Void

the-pleiades-star-cluster -the void

I would like to shed some light on a state of BEing that I refer to as “the void”. This state of BEing may be experienced as a feeling of emptiness. But in reality, is a field of infinite possibilities. That feeling of emptiness or “nothingness” is where we gain clarity, getting clearer direction regarding our intentions, the desires of our heart. Infinite possibilities to create the reality we wish to experience. What one has to begin to understand is that life is not happening to you. As powerful co-creators, you are in fact creating your own reality. The questions is whether you are doing this in a conscious manner. Your beliefs and old patterns shape your reality. The Universe is neutral but all-loving. It wants you experience what you desire to experience. That is why we must become aware and very clear about what our hearts desires truly are. Set the intention for this to be your experience and let the Universe co-create with you to achieve them.

We have been taught that “the void” is a place we want to (avoid) at all cost, but in actuality, it is a state of BEing that literally can create miracles. Our emotions (or lack there of) are indicators, sign posts if you will, to inner depths that most fear to tread. It is time to release the fear of opening up to our feelings, as they are the cornerstone of our existence. There is a natural ebb and flow to life, but we have been taught that we must only show how happy we are, that everything is fine. But if we cannot express our authentic feelings (this includes the times we may not feel as upbeat) this creates an imbalance, and our body will naturally begin to try to create balance. So the next time you may feel as if you are in “the void”, sit with it, meditate, see what wisdom it has to offer you.

Embrace Your Divinity


Most of us believe we are separate from our Divinity. This is not Truth. The only constant is change. Creation is constantly changing, shifting and evolving, Expansion. Most people fear change. They think if things don’t change then they will be/feel safe. In actually it will be experienced as stagnation. At our core we are Divine Creation. We each have a spark of the Creator within us. But when we don’t recognize this piece of ourselves, we cannot see the inter-connectedness of All That Is. We then begin to feel separate from our Source. Let me assure you that humanity is evolving at an accelerated rate. With this evolution, our conscious awareness expands. We begin to remember who we really are.

At the current moment our world may appear more chaotic then ever. But as I have said before you cannot put New on an old foundation. So what appears as chaos is in actually change manifesting. As everything is energy, then our vibration can have an effect on what we attract to us in life. When we choose to live in a fear based mentality, your vibration is basically saying to the Universe, yes please, I would like to experience more of what makes me fearful. We should work on shifting our perspective, always keeping an open mind. As we work on our inner wounds, we are able to release the fear that surrounds them, hence helping to elevate our energy vibration. When this begins to happen you will begin to experience a shift in what you attract.

I AM not saying any of this is a walk in the park. What I AM saying is the more we begin to practice self-love and self-healing, the more we are able to embrace our Divinity.