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Tsunami of Love

tsunami of love

The last three days I have been in a state of pure joy.  This feeling showed up on September 1st.  Also for the last three days Spirit has been showing me that once again we are in accelerated energies.  The picture that was shown to me in my minds eye was of an onslaught of water rushing through, a tsunami of Love.

Depending where one is on their journey, this could show up in a number of ways.  When one is surrounded by this intense Love energy, for those who are not yet fully open to BEing the Love that they are, it can cause an intense reaction of what appears to be the opposite of Love.

With many cosmic alignments occurring this month, each is bringing greater activations to the planet.  We must try to stay as centered as possible, to be an observer of anything resembling chaos and not to BEcome a part of it.  Go within, connect to your own inner guidance and know that all is well.

What’s with all the chaos?

Many have witnessed the “chaos” that is taking place in their life as well as in the world. It can be disconcerting to experience and cause us to feel a great deal of anxiety. My hope is to help eleviate some of that anxiety.

Anytime Change is occuring, we will first experience what will be perceived as chaos. But what is happening is a breakdown of “the old” energetic blueprints. You cannot lay “the new” which is the change occuring, on top of “the old”. Hence the appearance of chaos, as the old is breaking down to make space for the new. In other words, you cannot build a new building (life experience) on an old shakey foundation. I like to look at all of this upheaval as a transformation.

Though we may not always understand what is happening in that moment, it is happening for the greater good of All. It is the way of the Divine. Even though these times can test us to our limits, know that you have the strength and courage to persevere. The key is to listen to your heart and follow its guidance. When we begin to practice this, any perceived obstacle can be overcome. Once on the other side of the obstacle, the joy experienced, knowing what you have accomplished will be truly amazing. A job well done.